Web Browser Partnership Incentives

This thread is about the communities’ ideas on web browser partnership incentives.

The problem is web browsers are reluctant to add or change default search providers. However, if incentives are sufficient Presearch could have increased potential as a default option with established browsers increasing exponential growth/adoption possibilities.

There are at least 2 primary reasons holding back presearch from being added to search providers on browsers:

  1. Incentives - Browsers benefit from income or other incentives to have Google, Bing, etc. listed as a default or ‘The Default’ search provider. Some may even benefit financially by not adding additional providers.

  2. Credibility (Trust and Confidence) - There is a level of trust required as many established browsers may be reluctant to add an unknown potential liability to their business and userbase.

There needs to be greater incentives available that would entice browsers to add Presearch as ‘The Default’ or a listed default option. These incentives/ideas should be broken down into at least 2x categories to attempt to overcome the 2x most common concerns:

  1. Incentives – The what’s in it for the browser and/or userbase?
  2. Credibility - Can I even trust you? Even if Presearch makes an acceptable proposition, we still must overcome this barrier to entry.

In order to increase presearch adoption it needs to be easy for people to use it as their default search provider. The easiest case is if browsers add Presearch as ‘The default’ or a default option. ‘The default’ means unless the user manually switches it every search query through the url box will run through Presearch. The next best option is to have Presearch added as a default option meaning possibly 1 of 5-9 search providers that a browser makes available for users to manually select as their default search provider.

The potential value in this is getting thousands or even millions of new users. What is most important is that there are many real people conducting real searches through Presearch. The more the better which entices advertisers to open their pockets.

Below are few ideas to get started

1. Incentives
Presearch could offer browsers x amount of hours, days, or views of homepage takeovers and/or other advertising for the browser or whatever they choose. Might be different for the size of the browser’s userbase or if adding as a default vs ‘the default’.

Could offer the browsers userbase 1x week, 1x month, 3x month, 1year credit for Presearch AI access. I think they would have to sign up for a presearch account to claim/use this AI service, unless Presearch was able to offer to all users logged in or not. Regardless you could offer it as an incentive or selling point in exchange for adding Presearch.

2. Credibility/Trust
Presearch could produce additional explainer videos about how the platform functions and how that decentralization more effectively protects users’ privacy. Ensure the world understands all the benefits of presearch.

Presearch could attend more crypto and privacy focused events to build relationships and brand awareness. Keynote speaking roles like Trey did recently was perfect! “We have the Engineer who wrote the book on decentralized search!” We need to make things like this more widely known as that adds to credibility.

Presearch could make some of their basic code open source or get reputable third parties to conduct audit/reviews. If an audit has been conducted make it widely known and advertised on our informational pages. They could also leverage a testnet hack-a-thon to find and fix any issues or vulnerabilities.

Presearch could assess their mainnet Presearch.com functionality on different browsers and different operating systems to determine widest usability. Browsers want to ensure if they go on a limb to add a provider that it will work well with their users.

Get media attention as the next Google and Bing primary decentralized competitor. Have Colin or Trey or a designated spokesperson do online or in person interviews for media or social media influencers.