Driving More Value Into Presearch

Dear Presearchers,

In our quest to become one of the first economically-sustainable crypto projects with a regenerative token ecosystem, Presearch is undertaking a trial to add banner ads to search results that should significantly increase revenue into the project.

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Keyword advertising needs a full refresh to add consumptive model into the mix with staking. Also see keyword page updates in the proposals where I list very simple tweaks that could be made in a few hours or days that would improve usability.

Banners and other ad types are great but they must be decentralized - able to be owned by the community themselves so that it becomes another employment opportunity and differentiation from the incumbent search provider models. You can ensure this still provides value to presearch by requiring PRE to operate those ads.

I don’t know how many times and ways to say this but YOU WILL NOT WIN if you play by the traditional rules, Presearch must turn the current model on its head and instead allow the world to monetize their ideas and local businesses fairly. If you do that you will win and force incumbents to change their model in order to compete; if you build it they will come… if you don’t or continue to delay someone else will and Presearch and all the other providers will be left in the dust trying to catch up. Be the innovator that changes the rules.

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I wholeheartedly agree however, that can come in time and in addition to, but right now Presearch needs Devs bad and other full time employees. You can’t pay everyone in PRE tokens as they can’t pay their rent or gas in PRE. Cash is still king and it’s what Presearch needs to go full throttle.

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Put these things on the ROADMAP then? Why are the things that are most likely to gain mass adoption and upend the incumbents not on the roadmap? People want opportunity and opportunity will attract the world. Give it to them or at least confirm for us all it will happen while at the same time bringing in cash.

If I am reading between the lines on Tim’s comments the concern I think he is expressing is that it might not be on the roadmap because VC investors want more of the future pie and more certainty of control of getting what they want.

There is talk of having to buy the VC investors out to get to this ultimate goal what will that cost the project; will we ever be able to buy them out; will we ever get to the promised land?

If some of the things that will change the game are on the roadmap there is less certainty about what future pie VC will have access to unless they invest some of their VC capital in PRE and the various income possibilities that would come along the way we should seek investors that are aligned with the original vision and will participate in the full-scale potential of the project along side everyone else.

What is on the roadmap currently are those defined things that will be achieved in the time indicated there, Tim mentioned that there are things that may not be there but it doesn’t mean that they can be added or done at any given time.