Introducing Search Staking

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Introducing Search Staking
Presearch is excited to introduce another innovative concept into the market with the launch of Search Staking, which enables Presearchers to control their level of search rewards by staking Presearch tokens ($PRE).

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One of the core principles of the Presearch vision has been to develop a value for value model, where those who provide value are rewarded for their contributions to the search ecosystem.

This principle led Presearch to develop search rewards back in 2017, which provides users with value in the form of $PRE tokens for switching their searches to the Presearch engine.

The next phase of search rewards
Presearch is now taking the concept of search rewards to the next level with Search Staking, which enables users to signal to the platform their economic value and support for the ecosystem, while also enabling Presearch to combat abuse by those who would try to take advantage of rewards.

This is a massive opportunity for Presearch to offer more significant rewards to those who are the biggest economic supporters of the project, while also ensuring that the project can continue offering rewards to all users, and to limit the impact of rewards abuse, facilitating the rapid growth required as Presearch pushes toward mass adoption.

Increasing advertiser value
In addition to providing increased benefits to searchers, Search Staking also provides additional value to advertisers by enabling the project to demonstrate to advertisers that high-value searchers are seeing their ads. While the ability to target ads to those with different staking levels is not yet available, it is something that can be introduced to provide valuable targeting while still respecting user privacy.

How it works
By default all users receive 0.01 PRE per search, up to 25 searches per day.

This lower value of rewards significantly reduces the incentive to try to game the rewards system, while still providing users with a taste of how rewards work.

For those looking to earn increased rewards, there is now the ability to add a search stake to your account, which commits your tokens to the platform while you retain full ownership of your $PRE.

As long as you are staking, your rewards will be increased using the following formula:

of staked PRE / 50,000 = PRE per search

So for instance, if you stake 50,000 PRE, you will receive 1 PRE for each search.

Combating abuse
This new model should accomplish two goals from an anti-abuse standpoint: 1) limiting the incentive for people to game the system by creating multiple accounts, running bots or searching repetitively just to collect rewards, and 2) providing a mechanism for users to instantly build trust in the ecosystem, because by staking PRE, they are agreeing to not abuse the system, and have skin in the game if they break that agreement.

An evolving model
It should be noted that this is a bit of an experiment, and we will be adjusting settings as needed to ensure the needs of the community and the project are met.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the changes and will continue to evolve and improve the Search Staking model based on everyone’s input.

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