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Dear Presearchers,

AI results now available for those with 1000 PRE in the PRE wallet

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Great news and a step in the right direction.

  1. If free and sustainable perfect!

  2. Next best would be 1 week free trial for all current users - then 1 week free trials for all new signups thereafter. This gives everyone a taste of what their searches could be like.

  3. Add option to stake 1k for other users to gain AI access. If not totally free moving forward this would give the community an option to entice new users by staking for them giving them a certain period of AI access ourselves. Especially for those not into crypto but would otherwise be enticed by AI search results access. [This would be another staking option enter the 1k stake and enter the username you are staking for] Could be used by community members to provide value for enticing signups or value for encouraging other social media engagement or give aways etc. All of those things are spreading awareness and bringing people to explore Presearch.

  4. Add consumptive payment option. 1-day, 1-week, 1-month access in exchange for 5 PRE, 25 PRE, 75 PRE respectively. This feature would begin to slowly flow PRE back into treasury. And once developed could be easily used for additional AI or other services as well. You could also make this consumptive option be usable in conjunction with 3. above consumptive payment for another users access. Presearch shouldn’t care who is paying or who is taking PRE out of circulation for a time just that those things are happening!


Token flow example of implementing consumptive PRE for AI
If 1k users start by paying 5 PRE to try for a day that’s 5k PRE back into treasury.

If 1k users wanted access for a month that’s 75k PRE back into treasury

This is all thinking small though using GPT3 or once launched PREsearch AI.
If you build this mechanism it could be used to gain access to hundreds or thousands of other niche AI that is constantly being built out and improved. Those innovators and entities that could leverage llama2 or openGPT on proprietary data is also very interesting proposition for those entities if only they had a platform that was the meta AI platform and invited them to launch or make their services available on PREsearch. Now imagine hundreds or thousands of AI services available on presearch or even exclusively available only on presearch. Now you have a platform that benefits not only those innovators and entrepreneurs but now entices users that want access to that Unique feature. How do they get access and how are the entrepreneurs paid? In PRE of course.

So now think about the above example but with a much more strategic vision and thinking:

Because presearch has hundreds or thousands of AI services available millions of users want to join to try them and use different ones regularly.

100k - millions of users accessing not one but hundreds or thousands of day or monthly AI access adds up to a lot of PRE going back into the treasury. Of course only a smaller amount is going to PREsearch for the non-Presearch developed AI and those that launch or make accessible on the PREsearch platform earn an income in PRE which they could use themselves on the platform for checking out other competitors products and improving their own or staking or just cashing out increasing liquidity and volume on exchanges.

The fees would vary depending on what the owner wanted to charge but PREsearch would get a cut percentage maybe 10-20% but could vary overtime and based on market conditions. Let’s assume on average it’s the same cost as PREsearch’s AI with a 20% fee.

1 million users accessing not 1 but now 100 day use AI is 100million PRE to the treasury.

1 million users eventually paying for 100 different monthly AI services is 1.5billion PRE back into treasury. This is more than the total supply of PRE which means you need lots of utilities and lots of liquidity to ensure PRE can change hands very quickly. Again this is just one of many potentially viable utilities to improve tokenflow. The other benefits of this are that Presearch instead of buying PRE would be able to sit back and sell PRE to keep the lights on and continue to develop more anchors. It also means they could easily afford higher rewards to encourage and incentivize certain behaviors or actions or pay node runners more to scale or improve quality.

For these kind of payments and circulation of pre we need easy access to pre for US and other users, including people who know little about crypto, and very low fees.

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Yes absolutely and these types of numbers don’t happen over night so the sooner you build an inviting platform and the PRE payments page for these PrE utilities the better. But most exchanges are looking for tokens that have lots of volume. They will add shit coins for free if they know they can make a profit on the volume.

Without PRE utility the volume will continue to be low and we will probably end up paying to be listed. If volume and interest was high exchanges will just start listing it to take advantage and make money on the volume. At a minimum you would have way more leverage with an exchange listing if all the exchanges are asking you to list because they see the volume vs you trying to get it listed with very little volume.

I think that Tim has a lot of experience in these matters. But for the near future Presearch would need to accept fiat payments for any premium services. Then they could offer a discount for a payment in pre. It might be a good idea to think again about trading pre on the Presearch platform with low fees.

You definitely need PRE to be available on the open market which it is but this would work much better if expanded to higher quality exchanges with deeper liquidity.

If you build PRE utilities and a Payments page as I have been recommending its not hard to accept fiat. All you would be doing is taking their up-charged fiat as payment for a good or service and immediately purchasing PRE on the open market then sending that PRE probably in batches back into the treasury. In the meantime once the PRE is purchased Presearch could use treasury PRE to basically pay itself so that the user gets the requested utility. Once the batch send is processed and sent back to the Treasury there is an actually receive of the true income to Treasury. This can all be done with smart contracts to make it quick and painless for the end user.

This does 3 things:

  1. Increases demand and the volume of purchases on the open market that Presearch is not even paying for but rather facilitating at a profit.

  2. This ensures Presearch is not selling it’s own tokens to any users preventing potential regulatory issues that could arise were it to sell its own tokens to individuals or businesses.

  3. Finally, this ensures PRE maintains utility, relevance, and value within the network. If you begin to allow fiat and not also require PRE then income can be funneled into the INC or VC pockets at the expense of PRE holders. PRE utilities are a must for the future viability of the platform.

This is just needless complication. The AI is not currently competitive with bing or google’s AI offernings - nobody is going to pay/stake for it. Unfortunately the AI and much more importantly the UX of Presearch will need to be brought on par with Google before we have any chance of success in general.

Clearly the industry model (so far at least) will be that the costs associated for AI based searching will be internalized (ie need to come from ad revenue). We would have to have an AI system that returned results that were far better than what the other providers offer to even consider a consumptive model. Not going to happen.

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First of all google Bard and chatGPT are completely biased AI.

Secondly they are GENERAL AI.

-Presearch AI doesn’t need to beat them in tech or ui. We need to provide a less biased version. That alone will attract users. Plus many people don’t trust either of these competitors. There is certainly room to onboard many more if we offer at least competitive alternative.

-On this second issue you completely miss the point entirely or perhaps don’t see where this industry is headed. Yes it is hard to compete with these behemoths on a single General AI. But I can guarantee you there will be thousands even tens of thousands of niche, specialized, specific AI that will kick any general AIs ass 9 out of 10 times at those specific, niche, specialized areas. This is a fact! If you build something purely for a niche task, industry, or proprietary dataset it WIL be better than even the best GENERAL AI out there.

It’s also not possible for a single entity even google to 1) have all the needed data even though they try they will never have ALL the data or 2) the resources and expertise under 1 roof to build all of these possible AI solutions/services themselves.

If we know that and they know that too someone will eventually understand this and invite the world to their platform like Amazon did with book sellers and they will ABSOLUTELY Crush their competitors! FACT!

If Presearch is to be successful we need to think strategically and we need to be a first mover. Otherwise we just look like we are following the leaders again like everyone else does which is why everyone else are losers and not the Behemoths. In the sense of market share.

I continue to consistently message the same things because I see a brighter future and vision for PResearch than perhaps presearch even sees for itself. I also vehemently oppose google and Microsoft on a number of levels their needs to be a change of guard that disrupts this industry and changes it forever. I think Presearch could be that change but there are things they need to focus on and launch before a competitor does. IMHO those things are not a better ui/ux!

Hey,I respect that you have a vision and are sticking to it. But, as I’m sure you have figured out by now I do not believe it is the way forward.

You keep using the word niche and specialized - that’s not exactly the best way to have this project be successful. Do you think advertisers want to hear niche and specialized? (read: low conversions)

Presearch has branded itself a crypto, privacy respecting search engine. The crypto branding has been a misstep. Much of the world views crypto as a scam - rightfully so in many cases. And, as Tim has pointed out, Presearch is not a crypto project. Privacy is the one thing that the project can hang its hat on right now.

Of course people are going to say they value privacy, but you know what they value more - their time. Its really as simple as that. People want to use a search engine, get the best answer and move on. People don’t want to think about their stupid search engine! Yet, if we make a niche/specialized search engine you are effectively selecting for people who do want to think about the specifics of their search queries. This user does not exist in any meaningful way. We can’t make a profitable business out of this user.

Now, you are right to say that we are never going to be able better google in terms of AI or UX. However, we need to get extremely close on the UX front at least. If we can get the UX right, have search quality that is as good as google (easy with the current implementation - hopefully we don’t blow this with our own indexer) we have half a chance.

So, if the AI is not better than google, and the UX is not better than google, and the search results are not better than google why will people use Presearch? Privacy? Nope. DDG has already shown this is not a viable moat. Some sort of convoluted niche search need? Nope. Some sort of magical AI that somehow Presearch team will formulate that will best what OpenAI has been working on for a decade. Nope.

They are going to use Presearch because they are going to get paid. They will sacrifice not having the absolute best UX, AI, tie ins with existing products they already use like gmail, calendar and maps because they are getting a piece of the ad revenue which can be significant. I have seen people waste hours of their life to save 5 dollars. Drive 10 miles out of their way to save 5 cents per gallon on a tank of gas. Do not underestimate how much people like saving or getting money. Its the only thing they value more than their time.

I certainly respect your opinions and you do highlight some great points, but you are also all over the place at times. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me on everything. I am certainly wrong sometimes and I also don’t grasp every nuance and pertinent fact necessary to making better decisions or devising better solutions. Which is why I read, post, ask questions, seek transparency, ideas, and information from the team and community members like yourself.

-I use the word niche and specialized because the world is NOT comprised of general people. Amazon destroyed their competition because they brought in the niche and specialized book sellers who brought in the niche and specific buyers who Collectively created a MUCH GREATER USER BASE than their competitors. I am not advocating Presearch to be niche I am advocating that Presearch invite the everyone to include the niche to operate under one roof Presearch. Which WILL collectively appeal to and bring WAY MORE users than trying to be like google!

-Agreed on your privacy point you are correct some care more about privacy than others. Those are the low hanging fruit and the ones that should be targeted and advertised to first. You CAN make a profitable business out of not 1 but Millions of unique individuals proof AMAZON.

-You prove my point with your second to last paragraph that we should not focus resources on things that will have marginal impacts and instead focus on a strategic vision that once actioned will have strategic impacts for the project. UX is not strategic, important yes and that and many other important things will come and only be able to be actioned if you are FIRST successful on implementing a strategic vision.

-Lastly, 100% agree with your last paragraph. Opportunity is what will bring people to the platform. The opportunity can’t just be for users it needs to be bigger than that, advertisers, developers, influencers, entrepreneurs etc. Offering better opportunity is how you change the game!

I agree with most everything you have to say 100%. However this quote re: Privacy is simply wrong. Are you saying DDG loses money? They are not a viable company?? DDG took a massive bite out of Google because ONLY this reason. Now theyv’e been caught with their pants down with a “backdoor” to Bing and MS. They have also openly stated recently they include an intentional bias in their results, its a political one and an ideological one. I dont feel like finding the article right now.

With everyone being “scared” and hearing about privacy concerns CONTSANTLY on social media, msm etc… it’s at the top of everyone’s mind and DDG cable ads are airing in prime time sports.

Censored and biased results are a HUGE concern with the masses now …especially younger gen. With our own index and a mix of meta search. Being able to offer BOTH absolute PRIVACY and NON BIASED NON CENSORED. results is what NO ONE is offering well.

Getting “paid” … if you have to do that there is a problem and as stated getting “paid” in crypto to normies?? They DONT CARE and even feel its scammy.

Private, non biased, non censored quality results … That COMBINANTION itslef is a game changer in this day and age where Big Tech is censoring Ukraine/Russia reults and burying what doesnt fit the current propaganda narrative. Google was caught in 2020 election cycle running interference, so was Facebook.

That is NOT free flow of information or freedom of speech. It pushed propaganda. People want freedom not tyranny and they will flock to it in hordes.

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People say they care about privacy, but if you look at their actions they do not. They all opt into whatever all of their apps on their iphone asks. They all put Alexa’s and GoogleHubs in their home. They all use FireTVs. I do not know a single person who uses DDG and I live in one of the largest cities in the US, with tech savvy individuals as peers. At the end of the day people want convenience and efficiency - if we can’t give users that we will fail.

With that said, we will never rival Google in terms of convenience or efficiency. At best all we can do is come close and we must come close. Therefore, to get over the competitive hump, we will pay them. Of course this depends on PRE being worth something and not in a downward spiral. Its really not more complicated than that I’m afraid.

We need to get out of the idea of positioning ourselves as some sort of niche search engine.

Well, ive in Miami. It’s fairly large. Wecan just have to agree to disageee. Everyone at work uses Google or DDG. Many talk of how they would never use Alexa etc. Most feiends outside of work use DDG except a few who have switched to Presearch. We probably just are in different “circles” with different ideologies.

It’s not 100% this way or 100% that way, im sure.

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This topic changes from AI results to USPs, strategic vision, aimed target audience, and unique ways to “conquer” the market…

So, for my view on above mentioned topics… I replied on this topic…

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