Consumptive PRE payments for AI and other services

This proposal would bring AI and other innovative services to presearch users allowing access to services in exchange for PRE payments.

If in addition to holding 10k PRE on the platform to get AI access there was another option to pay for 1x day, 1x week, 1x month access this would open the possibility for many more users. Ex: if you don’t already have AI enabled this would give you the option to toggle on AI via payment in PRE. 1x day = 24 hour enabled access for 5 PRE this could be paid via your presearch wallet, a web3 wallet, or via your usage rewards. 1x week = 7 day enabled access that you can toggle on or off for 25 PRE. And 1 month AI enabled access for 75 PRE.

Giving our community members more accessible access to AI results just encourages users to continue to use the platform and for many that use presearch regularly would give them access for the PRE they have earned through search rewards. Reducing the overall amount of PRE owed, increasing PRE flow into treasury, and those that like it might then purchase the 10k PRE to have free access.

This idea is not just for presearch AI although I see this as the first and simplest to implement. The the future could look like gaining access to many different AI APIs even simultaneously to test and compare results, get AI art results etc. or gaining access to other future presearch services like a keywords API, consumptive ads, etc.

Due to a max supply of 500mil tokens I believe it is important that PRE circulates freely with substantial volume and liquidity. There should also be a mechanisms for PRE flow back into treasury to ensure rewards nodes, search, or otherwise are sustainable.


I like what you are saying - definitely need to see better PRE token circulation. First step (I think) is we need to be on a low transaction fee side chain (MATIC for example) before we start actioning any payment options using PRE.

Personally, I am just accumulating PRE from my nodes and staking it. ETH makes it just to expensive to transact with.


What do you think about XLM for Side Chain?

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I’m not going to claim any expertise on XLM, but it’s been my go-to token for transfers between exchanges (mainly Binance/KuCoin) for 2, maybe 3 years. Low fees and fast. Never had a problem!


Fees and speed are just some attributes of XLM.
Hyperledger Fabric will play a very big role in the future in my opinion and XLM is directly related to it.


On platform transactions are currently free because they are not all on chain. So if you are using node rewards that you claimed to your wallet or usage rewards the payments page would just allow presearch to account the debts owed or owned by presearch. The only transactions that would cost would be paying from private self custody wallets.


I prefer XDC, ALGO, CSPR, HBAR, and TLOS for the multi-chain future of PRE. These are all smart contract layers most have EVMs which makes them easy to use with ETH or proven contracts portable.

Also XLM is just a payment chain like XRP although they both do that very well they are not programmable smart contract chains like these others. FLR SGB and hooks may add this functionality to XRP but not there yet. I think You need a smart contractable chain for what I think presearch is trying to do.


This would allow presearch users to access various paid APIs without having to signup for access. Example of other AI APIs are Doll-e art creations costing .02 per creation. With a user payment option in PRE presearch could still charge a daily, weekly, or monthly access but in the user agreement they would explain that each access tier is available for the duration of the time and/or amount of uses. Make the payment so that for the convenience of paying in PRE and maintaining anonymity they charge additional PRE so that the cost of access is covered plus profit back into treasury.


Indeed, sidechains are important at this time to facilitate overall transaction costs and future payment options within presearch.

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Charging to use “AI” that is built by others and “free” elsewhere does not sound like a good idea at all. Advertisers or “sponsors” need to be charged a consumptive fee, not users. The idea should be to gain users who are not even interested in crytpo. Once Presearch can do that …others will come naturally.

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Advertisers won’t be willing to pay much for keywords until there is a substantially bigger user base. Ad slots with NFTs would allow advertisers to potentially get views on searches not just specific key words which might be enticing to some advertisers.
But the idea of allowing users to use their search rewards to get AI and other services is a way to cover the API access costs and put pre back in the treasury to sustain rewards. in essence it’s like a free week access to AI for a new user as they could use their referral 25 PRE to get instant access to try AI results. People need to be able to try Presearch with the AI experience without an upfront commitment other than signing up. Once they have that experience most will want it and may invest in holding pre to have it enduringly or if not they can save up pre and use when desired from their accumulated tokens.
This reduces overall pre owed, gives new users a better experience if they choose to use PRE for a day or a week of AI, and makes users more likely to stay and want to earn tokens that have increasing utility value. Presearch could also sweeten the deal and just offer a free week of AI access to new users in addition to the 25 pre which I think would be even better if it wouldn’t be a financial drain. Allow new users to have a great first impression then if they want AI again they still have the 25 PRE plus whatever they earned from their searches to get additional access. But other AI services could be offered as well once the mechanism is built out. Like ai art, chatsonic, jasper etc. getting API access to some of these other paid services without having to signup for all of them and also maintaining the decentralized privacy presearch offers has an appeal to some people like myself. These things start to differentiate presearch from the pack. A search engine that gives you access to many AI and other services is a great feature. Yes crawlers and indexing is important but that doesn’t differentiate from an end user experience much; they will get their aggregated search results with perhaps some better results on occasion from a non biased index but for most non political searches it will not feel any different than google. These other ideas I think do more to improve the new user experience and to showcase what presearch does, has, or offers, that the other search providers don’t. You need quality fast results, unique motes, and expanding offerings to gain market share from the others and keep it. Bing has been jumping in and taking market share from google with their offerings credits and AI but many people don’t trust either of them. that is where presearch should be positioned as a privacy focused, decentralized, and unique offering.


As an original member of in the early 90’s before being bought by CBS, I just can’t agree with charging users for basic access. Many early dot coms learned the hard way. You are mentioning services not even offered yet. I also owned a successful internet business before http protocol.

If there was “Premium” features yes. Just like ESPN came with “VIP” access to combat That would make sense, absolutely, but still to a degree (non crypto enthusiats won’t go out of their way to buy crypto to pay for something…yet - thats a helluva process currently)

One of the biggest knocks I hear is “its regurgitated Google results”. I then go on to explain the privacy. Then comes “other search engines” (searx etc) argument… Then AI…then the “Brave” conversation…etc etc

Your first sentence is spot on. But expecting advertisers to go through the process of owning a NFT, tome is just another hurdle to get them.

Premium features :+1:

JMO :slightly_smiling_face:

Ultimate goal yes free presearch AI 100%. My understanding is that there is a cost to accessing the AI right now and also when eventually switched to own presearch LLM might also have an ongoing cost to run which might not be sustainable for the small project at this stage without substantial offsets. So with that in mind I would prefer to have new and current users be able to experience the AI results now or upon signup without having to buy PRE on the open market as this is a barrier to experiencing the full offering of presearch. I think we are on the same page.
This consumptive charge would allow users who already have earned PRE via referral or searches to immediately be able to experience AI in a sustainable cost neural or profitable way. Ultimately would like to make it free and retain this model for premium services and other payments.

NFT hurdle to advertisers - I don’t see it as a hurdle at all. In fact it makes it easier than current system for advertisers. I get that few advertisers will actually purchase or use the NFTs and I agree this would be a hurdle for most if they had to own and operate the NFTs themselves. But the NFT just represents ownership of advertising slots so early adopters, presearch, and tech savvy advertisers benefit greatly from buying up these slots early.
Why is it not actually a hurdle to advertising and why does this design benefit all?
Once slots are owned by community, presearch, and possibly a very few advertisers. And the system is built out then it’s easy for advertisers to go to presearch or community members who are NFT owners alternatively hundreds of community members could actually go out and seek advertising opportunities they can then take fiat payments for specified contracts 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, or based on x number of views or clicks. Now in order for the NFT to be activated meaning displaying ads in a rotation vs sitting idle in someone’s wallet or Presearch account they need to stake their NFT and pay a consumptive pre charge for the duration of the stake the more NFTs staked by day, week, month might increase the cost for new stakes so that competition for advertising slots in the active rotation is a match for supply and demand.
So most advertisers would have a lot more opportunity to just pay fiat and get ads in front of people while a portion of those advertising dollars are required to display ads via the NFT owners entering the ads into the rotation the more NFTs in the rotation the higher the cost in PRE and possibly less profitable for the NFT owners. But this brings a whole new profit generator for presearch and community members but ensures PRE gets tied to value of the ecosystem.

I would also assume if there were say 100 total minted NFTs for 1 ad type/location that presearch could control their release onto the open market. Use them as high ticket give aways to value’s community members, early sales cheap with an auto increase in price ever x amount sold, and they could create and NFT marketplace where resales could be made controlling price floor and profiting with x percent of resale

With you on the first for the most part. NFTs…not 100% sold on. But i am only one of hundreds, thousands? :grin:

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That’s ok we all have our own opinions and at the end of the day just making recommendations that might be beneficial. Appreciate your opinion and community participation.


Having tried the Presearch AI results, it took a while to get used to it, but now there is no going back. It was like when we switched from dial up to broadband - hard to sure of the benefit but, once you had broadband, you would never go back, despite the cost implication. So AI is a must. And there is no reason not to try various models of monetisation. Interestingly, I offered various people in my family free loans of PRE to try it, and none would take it up, so there is resistance and we are still early. On the staking model, would it be possible to loan users non-withdrawable PRE, and then if they wanted to continue, they had to buy the PRE or return it? Or, on a consumptive model, give them a free trial?


Hello, We’re working on the design for the next iteration of the keyword staking platform (will include a combination of the current model, as well as an optional consumptive CPC/CPM model for more traffic), and will move from a “highest staker gets all traffic” (winner take all) to a more blended model (winner take most) model.

At this moment there are no loan options like the one you mention or plans regarding that, Surely options can be added to improve the user experience

Yes definitely should have something in place to ensure new users get the best experience possible even if only for a trial period 3 days or 1 week. Anyone that takes the effort to switch over should see what their search experience could be like. That gives them more incentive to purchase PRE to get the service or if you make a consumptive cost for AI and you allow users to use their search rewards they could access it periodically without any upfront or additional costs except using the platform regularly. yes they wouldn’t rack up a ton of PRE for withdraw but they would get value for using the platform vs others. If the initial costs of this model stop being sustainable you can always increase the consumptive costs to cover the expenses. BL it is hard enough peeling people away from other usable platforms they are used to we need every edge we can get to make that transition and continued use successful.

In that vein I support your idea to loan friends and family PRE so they can get the AI enabled to try it for some period of time. But it would only work if you maintained control of the PRE.

So for example you could offer a Friends and Family stake option where you could enter an email user account you wish to stake for and stake the required tokens so that user would get access. If choose you could unstake at any time and use your tokens as normal. This would give those of us trying to bring new users to the platform the ability to make that experience as good as possible without any other changes I recommended above. I still think those would be great enhancements but since staking is already a think on the platform for keywords and nodes it might be easier to implement this addition sooner.

Think about the incentive to entice people to join. Hey join presearch heres all the regular benefits of the platform but if you join with my referral I can give you AI access for a week or a month what ever i decide to try it out.


Each AI option may have a different cost Part of the cost goes to the AI developer and some percentage would go to the Presearch Treasury for aggregating under one roof and convenience of integration with search all while protecting privacy.

The trend of the next decade will likely be the decentralization of all corrupted centralized institutions, media, and Tech. The future of search will be decentralization and AI will be integral to providing the best user experiences. There are already over 100+ AI systems available and AI will continue to proliferate and ONLY grow with competition to thousands of quality AI - incorporating private data-bases, unbiased algorithms, biased algorithms based on both good and evil intentions, and specific/niche AI that will crush general AI in their respective fields. AI will be used constantly to quickly check accuracy and provide sources for information the fake Ais and biases will be countered and replaced by higher quality.
If we think decentralization is a major trend and we think AI will continue to explode how to you incorporate this to BE THE search engine of the future.

Listen to 35:00-40:00 about what Dan Bongino believes the establishment fears about AI. Conveniently is what the world needs and is clamoring for, the good side of AI that improves people’s lives, increases productivity, and enables the ability to quickly decipher truth from fiction/lies. AI for all its concerns and potential evil is best positioned to be the answer to be the answer to many problems.

Don’t fight the trend don’t try to be Google -they perfected the centralization and complete corruption of search following Google willl lead to failure. Google is using ephemeral data to shift opinions and election outcomes, they track you, and sell your data and their influence over users to the highest bidders – Instead be the trendsetter be the Change be Presearch – The anti-google “What search was always meant to be.”

What’s the play here? Develop/create as I have previously recommended the opportunity and environment for all the AI in the world to launch and be compared used and profitable under one convenient roof via Presearch – Whether the developers want users to just use their product for free and for the betterment of society or whether they have a propietary database or tooled niche AI that blows general AI out of the water, allow them all on PREsearch. Allow users to try them, and pay for these services with PRE or FIAT depending on the AI developer’s preference. PREsearch can become the connector middleman connecting the world to decentralized AI like Amazon did with books. This is exciting and when developed, very profitable. PEOPLE WILLL NOTICE, DEVELOPERS AND USERS WILL COMEto Presearch! Don’t be late to the PARTY AGAIN… Presearch needs the recognition of being the leader and trendsetter not another lemming doing the following.