Will Presearch node be open sourced?

I can’t find “open source Presearch node” in the roadmap.

Is that still a goal?

If it was the entire project would be ripped off and probably developed and executed in better alignment to community feedback. It might actually make the team feel more pressure to execute or risk be overtaken and left behind.

Lots of waste and mistakes happening, but at least things are happening.

We went from analysis paralysis to execution without any analysis and feedback.

The team needs to build quality consumptive utilities. And needs to focus effort on improving the search quality and experience.

If they build a payments page they could use for all transactions and payments. Once pre AI is launched add 25 more don’t try to be the arbiter of AI on the platform instead be the Amazon of AI that offers many options the more the better competition is good and you can still profit from all. The good thing is this should be very simple and doesn’t waste and development time you just give your users the best of the best options out there. Some may want to try GPT or Woke Gemini fine let them those or other niche AI may have better results for specific cases than general ai which is why offering day, week, month options is awesome. Make use of the best when it is needed and have general pre AI for the majority of the time.

The keywords is bad and needs a revamp you removed a key USP that actually gave users the ability to uncensor search results. Use my idea to better profit from keywords and make it competitive again or not but definitely needs a retool for usability and to get that USP back.
Within this advertising lane there is also great potential for decentralized ownership and use of ad slots that could utilize white listing and purchasing NFTs that also require consumptive use of PRE.

Communities could create the potential for onboarding millions of new users, curating search results for your subscribers, and earning. Communities would first require development of new node roles.

In between all this start making minor improvements every week based on user and community feedback. Things that can easily be actioned must be improved.