Presearch Node - Dappnode

I would like to propose if the presearch team can add Dappnode compatibility to run the presearch node would benefit the presearch to become more decentralized.

Dappnode currently supports ETH, Gnosis, validator and many more projects and would love to see Presearch in their list.

About Dappnode -
"We seek a world composed of self sovereign individuals, where freedom, privacy and censorship resistance are indisputable values of our society.

In order to achieve this vision, we work hard to provide a decentralized infrastructure layer accessible to everyone.

Our software is the medium but the people have the power, by running their own nodes in their homes. Whatever network you want to power, Dappnode is there to simplify your task and facilitate a world where everyone can have their own gateway to web3.

That’s why we need YOU to participate in this movement. "

Link -

Excellent :+1::slightly_smiling_face:, Thanks for the proposal

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