Together for a more equitable World: The Vision of Presearch - User Perspective Insights

Dear Presearch family,

Today, I want to seize the opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to the Presearch team and to appreciate your incredible support and unwavering belief in the vision of Presearch. As part of this wonderful community, we are on a journey together towards a future that is shaped by change - changes that will usher in a new era of searching and discovering.

In the midst of the ever-growing digital world, where our privacy and personal data are often threatened, Presearch has taken on the mission to create a decentralized search engine dedicated solely to the people. “We the people” - these words resonate in our hearts as we place the power in the hands of each individual. Presearch gives us back control, allowing us to make choices that influence our search results while protecting our privacy.

Our journey has only just begun, and yet we have already achieved remarkable progress. We have built a platform based on openness, transparency, and the desire for a fairer world. Thanks to your vigorous support and tireless participation, we have established a strong community that serves as living proof that such an endeavor can succeed.

Let us now turn our gaze to the future, to a world where Presearch grows into the leading decentralized search engine. A world where people from all corners of the globe raise their voices and actively participate in the development of Presearch. This revolutionary platform will pave the way for a new paradigm of searching, where power and data reside with the people rather than in the hands of a few major corporations.

We will bear witness to a world where Presearch democratizes access to knowledge, where users are rewarded, community participation is celebrated, and collaboratively curated search results propel us all forward. It is a world where trust is restored, our data is protected, and we feel secure when asking questions and seeking answers.

In this regard, I want to extend my thanks once again to Colin and every team member. You are the pioneers who are turning the vision of Presearch into reality. With your dedication, creativity, and unwavering pursuit of excellence, you have created a platform with the potential to change the world.

Lastly, I want to express my gratitude to all Presearch users who actively participate, as well as to all node operators who make this possible. I am also a proud owner of multiple nodes. Thank you for sharing your ideas and contributing to make this community what it is. Every contribution, every feedback, and every moment where we work together towards a better future is invaluable.

Let us carry forth this spirit of positivity and motivation, share our vision, and convince the world that Presearch is not just a search engine, but a movement based on the principles of freedom, privacy, and individual empowerment.

Together, we will create a world where “We the people” truly have control, where our decisions matter, and where we collectively build a fairer and more transparent society.

Thank you for being part of this revolution.

With deep gratitude


This text was AI-assisted to ensure accurate composition in English, as it is not my native language. Every word and line has been provided by me, as it was important to me that my thoughts are expressed correctly.


Thank you Light for your constant support towards the project :slightly_smiling_face::handshake:, indeed Presearch represents an alternative to the big technologies which keeps the privacy of the users protected, there is still a long way to go and many things in development but we already see how it has been materializing little by little in time, Thank you for the trust there.


Hello thank you for your constant support to the project. The team has not stopped building and we are still trying to improve the user experience.