Different search reward usage

Recently I realized that a lot of people at work are not using Google (company-wide default), so I asked them what they use and why they use it. Most people switched to Ecosia, because they are planting trees for the environment. Some other use Bing, because you can earn X-Box points (?) there. Other use DuckDuckGo because of privacy.

People where sceptical about Presearch, because they don’t use any crypto.
So why earn $1 in crypto when you can also have someone to plant a tree?

So I was thinking, why do people need to earn the $PRE token? Why no other options?
The reward system is already there. Why not add a menu where people can choose where the search rewards go? User could select between earning $PRE or donate their reward to some charities (Make-a-Wish, WWF, Cancer Research, … ). Or maybe someone could just search-to-earn a Presearch t-shirt.

Presearch could also partner with NFT projects. For example, search-to-earn a Star Atlas spaceship.

I think this would allow a new onboarding experience for new users, because the target audience is no longer focused in earning crypto, which we know is problematic.


It seems like a good idea. In the case of planting trees (I’m glad there are people who want that) individual rewards are very small but they can be pulled together for uses who chose this option.

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This thread is a spin off idea of another more wholistic thread on new user incentives.

I agree these are all good ideas that combine B. and F. from the other thread. Not sure if there is a way to organize the threads into similar or related ideas even if just initially by adding tags? The forum is gaining more community engagement but is starting to lose some of its organization. Just a comment for the forum community management.

If you ask me:
Close all the different chats / platforms and move everything to Discord.

This is a great idea. It may even have some tax savings for the organization.

Sounds neat. No one at my work uses Ecosia. It’s either DDG or Google. They cringe when they hear “crypto” and think everything related to it is a scam. 20 employees from 19 to 65. Its HABIT and you know what they say about habits.

I like the idea but I think it involves “Presearch” too much and could quickly become “political”. Why not a choice to donate to the NRA? PETA? Homeless Vets? Why is there only a “Tree charity”?? etc. etc.

I think the COSMOS chain and true custodial wallets will solve this. Donate your PRE, convert to BTC/ETH if needed, to a charity of your choice. Perhaps contact the charity of your choice and ask them to open a PRE wallet, then have them advertise the fact that they accept donations in PRE would be a better idea so as not to involve Presearch itself. Perhaps then a followup “proposal” by individuals to donate their PRE to “plant a tree foundation” and the wallet address is XXXX?

This is where the Presearch community comes in. JMO.

I would just provide some pre-defined options. The Presearch community could vote on the charities.

If you are crypto aware, you can withdraw and do whatever you want. But its about providing options for people NOT involved in Crypto.

I don’t see this Cosmos thing anytime soon. Presearch is talking about an ‘easy’ crypto web3 withdrawl thing for years now.

The whole idea of rewarding regular users with PRE for searches was to make this project a real community-driven and community-OWNED project.

You know, a search engine for “we the people”.

Now, after the cut in search rewards to 0.01 PRE per search, the average user who does 5 searches a day (for Google this number is between 3-4 searches a day) will “accumulate” 0.05 PRE per day.

That’s, with the current PRE price, a ridiculous low value of $0.50 per year where it takes over 50 years to achieve the 1,000 threshold.

And now you can come up with ideas how this yearly $0.50 may be spent (if the threshold will be fully removed, what probably won’t happen due to the high “legacy” of millions of already “earned” PRE by the current user base)… but it’s just not “motivating” enough for any new potential user to try out the Presearch platform and use it for a full year.

And without “incentives”, potential users will only switch to Presearch if the features and benefits will be better in comparison to their current search engine.

Also, without a beneficial affiliate program where both the referrer and the new user will get some benefits… there is no incentive to invite friends… and no “viral” effect where users will introduce their friends as well.

You know, in the Vision Paper, it was mentioned that 50% of new users were referred via the affiliate program… this has been killed as result of the cutdown.

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Yes, community vote would definitely be neccessary. Now we wait for the DAO, which likely won’t come until PRE blockchain on COSMOS for “on chain” voting by staked users from private wallets.

I think a LOT if the ideas and discussions onhere are fantastic, but I feel we need to give the new"teams" and the Foundation AND the “INC” quite a bit more time for many proposals being made.

100% and hopefully these specific issues will be addressed very soon (another 30 days perhaps?)