Switching device for presearch nodes


If i set up my presearch nodes and VPS on my personal PC, but want to transfer to a ECTMC mining box(mini pc) when it comes in 4 weeks, can i just login to my presearch account on the box and switch the nodes over? Or is it better I wait for the device I want to come first before setting the nodes up?

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To transfer a node from one site to another you can simply use the script to create a new node and migrate on your mini PC, So in that case there will be no problem, you will have new nodes with the pre ones from the previous nodes that you had in the vps and pc

Hello, as long as you don’t unstake or delete the old node on the Presearch dashboard, you can always either migrate the node (using the public/private key - recommended way) OR recover the stake from the old node whene spinning up a new node.
Backing Up and Migrating Nodes - Presearch Docs