Device which nodes are on


Just a theoretical question.

If the device you have the nodes on breaks, would you be able to pull the PRE tokens out on another computer and remake the nodes? or would you lose all your tokens?

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You would not lose your tokens, because they are currently stored in a wallet on site at Presearch. All you would have to do is log in to your account on another device and have access to your tokens.

Once Presearch is unitizing the cosmos block chain you will eventually have the ability to store and stake your tokens in your very own personal web3 wallet. In that case you would still not lose your tokens in case of a computer crash as long as you keep your seed phrase of which ever web3 wallet you are using.

Hope this info answers your question.

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You can restart the node on another computer, yep.

I recently changed PC’s and that’s effectively the same problem set. No issues.

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The nodes are tied to your account, You can simply log in on any device with your password and email and you will have access to your pre in pre wallet and your nodes in the dashboard

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