First node setup


Just setup my first node using putty (lots of code!) so chuffed i managed to do it.

My PRE rewards are ticking up which is nice, no requests yet not sure what that means,

Do i need to keep putty open with the code i put in? do i need to keep presearch dashboard open? and i have to leave PC on right?

If you are using your PC as the node then yes you would need to keep the PC on so that it can process queries and earn PRE. If the node is offline you will earn NO rewards because your node is doing nothing for the network.

you do not need to keep the dashboard or putty open though.

im using an ETCMC mining box (mini PC) so its gonna be left on to mine ETCPOW anyway.

What allocates the staking to a machine then? like if i were to turn on my deskop and go onto my presearch staking is that going to be staking? or my laptop?

or is it allocated to the machine youve run the code in putty on?

Try to keep the thread to a single post otherwise it will be confusing, Since you managed to enter putty and run the node you can close it without any problem, Node stats can take approximately three days to stabilize so over time you will see an increase in score and quest requests as well as reward.