Missing node and 10k pre


im just putting 106k more PRE into nodes, i bought 4 servers and put them online into 10k nodes.

However only 3 are showing now and i only have 66k PRE left to stake so there is 10k outstanding and one of my nodes have disappeared. I have identified the node which is missing and try and re run the docker code and seems to be up and running as far as i can see.

Shall i try wipe the node and start again? or would I lose the 10k PRE?

Many Thanks,


I found it, i click sort by date created and the 4th has appeared with the 10K pre.

Got an email alerting me the node has disconnected but it reconnected again.

Hello, you can check in the “all” tab to verify if you have a disconnected node there with the pre staked one, Although I recommend that for these topics you join the Telegram Node Channel

If it reconnected no problem, everything is fine then just monitor your node