Presearch has completed the first round of (PRE) airdrop distribution

Presearch has completed the first round of (PRE) airdrop distribution for nodes and search stakers of PRE.

Users can confirm receipt of these tokens via the Transaction History page in the PRE Wallet: Presearch

For more information, please refer to the original announcement: Presearch Airdrop 2024! (Loyalty Rewards) | by Presearch | Jan, 2024 | Medium

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Receipt confirmed. I’m happy to have been part of this project from the beginning. I can’t wait for Google and others to slap their foreheads in disbelief when the masses “suddenly” end up using a search method that values privacy above all else.

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Quick inquiry. I went out of town and my Presearch node disconnected. If there’s a February airdrop, will I or did I miss the boat on the drop? The node went offline February 26, and is still offline since I haven’t had a chance to re-start it. Thanks.

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Hello, the snapshot for the February airdrop was taken on January 25, That is, all connected nodes with stake on that date enter for the airdrop, Snapshots are taken on a random day of the month so make sure you keep your nodes connected

Okay great! It seems the second I leave town my node decides to go offline. My track record is pretty amazing in that regard.

Ok :+1:, In fact, the second distribution of the airdrop was already done today, you can verify it in your pre wallet