VPS nodes stopped

Hi all, I’ve been running 5 Presearch nodes on a vps provider since Jan 2022. I let the servers running the nodes lapse in recent weeks. They just got to be too expensive to run for the amount they were earning. What are my options now? I have backups from each server. Do I need to turn them back on to migrate? What is the best path forward?

Thank you all in advance for any input you might have.

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Hello, as long as you don’t unstake or delete the old node on the Presearch dashboard, you can always either migrate the node (using the public/private key - recommended way) OR recover the stake from the old node whene spinning up a new node.
We do not usually recommend any specific vps, There are several very good vps, oracle, ethernetservers, hostvds, ionos, racknerd, cloudcone, etc
Backing Up and Migrating Nodes | Presearch Docs

In the documents you will find the information to migrate the nodes if they are 1000 and 2000, If your nodes are 4000, it is not necessary to migrate, simply place 0 in stake and they will return to your wallet and then place those coins in the new node