Putty download help


I have bought a racknerd VPS server and PRE is in my presearch account.

Im just a bit stumped on putty i am new to it and not sure what it does and not sure what version to download.

do i want package files or binary files?

under package is it 32 or 64 bit? and 64bitx86 or 64bit Atm?

the tutorial videos skip over the part of setting up putty and how to use it

many thanks,


update: i managed to find out to download the 64 bit package files, however i put the IP into putty and launch the black CMD screen i type in the username root but the password it doesnt let me type in or if i shift insert enter it just says access denied.

After a long while it says Putty fatal error remote side unexpectantly closed network connection.

Hello, you can download it in 64 bits in case it is the version of your computer