Put API access code instead of registration when making node


when putting into putty i accidentally used my API code instead of registration code so now the wrong registration number is set to the IP of my VPS.

when i try close and put registration in root password then coding it says already in use how do i wipe the VPS racknerd IP and start again?

the server is not showing up on presearch, i tried shutdown -r then put the correct registration in and the node showed up for 2 mins on presearch then putty shutdown and it dissapeared.

I have one node up and running this is my 2nd but not working as dont know how to undo putting the API code into code instead of registration lol.

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You should be able to reinstall Docker in your VPS control panel. Once done you should be all good to start over on that node.

BTW… Best place to get these types of questions answered quickly is in the Presearch telegram nodes group. : )

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Just put the script with the node registration code and it will work, If it doesn’t work, you can reinstall the operating system and repeat the process with the registration code

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