NFTs for ownership of advertising slots

Create NFTs that represent ownership rights for advertising slots. Example: 1 location or ad type where ads might be displayed could have 50-100 NFTs that give the owners the ability to place ads into a rotation for that specific location. Only NFT owners that stake their NFT for a PRE fee per day, or week, or month would be entered into the ad rotation. The fee could eventually vary based on usage the more NFTs in the daily, weekly, monthly rotations the higher the cost to enter other NFTs into the rotation. PRE tokens would be paid for initial NFT sales, and x percentage of 2nd hand sales in an NFT marketplace, and also every NFT in the displayed rotation means PRE is being consumed via the NFT stake all going back into treasury. I would also increase the cost of NFT sales for every NFT released or sold into circulation.

NFT owners could then personally solicit advertising or allow presearch consumptive keywords and any ad revenue that is above the cost of the PRE to enter the rotation may be profit to the NFT owners based on the percentage of views their NFT garnered for the advertisers.

This could also work externally to the presearch site whereby site owners could choose to place a Presearch ad on their own site or business page. The NFT owners of these external ad type/location would in this case split ad revenue w/ the site owner so that everyone is incentivized. Site owners with high traffic might eventually want to buy their own presearch ad NFT to make 100% of the profits.

Presearch site ad NFT 100% of ad revenue goes to the NFT owners based on the number of clicks or views each NFT in the rotation receives. The external ads would split the ad revenue between the site owners and NFT owners. So higher trafficking sites would earn a higher percentage of the ad revenue and the NFT owners are earning again based on clicks and views their NFT receives.

The benefits of this model is that it fairly distributes ad revenue to those who are providing the most clicks and views. Advertisers get what they are paying for and presearch makes 100% PRE revenue from all initial sales, x% on all secondary sales on their own NFT marketplace, and all NFTs in rotation are using/paying PRE.

There are more details in discord if anyone is interested to read more.


Interesting proposal. We already have some NFTs bt now needs utility for them. First thing is Presearch team should stop generating more NFTs and try to utilize the already distributed one in a way that team getting benefit from fees.


What is your suggestions to give the current NFTs utility while also earning fees?

I was thinking of a few ideas for the current NFTs to make them have value. Create benefits for the community NFT owners by making the current NFTs a discount mechanism for goods and services offered by presearch. This would be a great way to reward loyal early adopters and start to ensure NFTS have value. Example would be if Presearch implemented some of my other recommendations these current NFTs would provide discounts to all the other purchases.

Another utility could be to gain additional PRE on staked nodes or search rewards. These options would creat utility and demand for the current NFTs.

Now how does Presearch benefit from this. If they create an NFT marketplace then people could buy and sell and resell these NFTs on the platform. For this service presearch would take a percentage of all sales. If an NFT sells for 10k PRE or $350 USDC presearch could take say 3-4%. As the options grow for goods and services this would increase the value of these NFTs dramatically because they would be discounting more and more goods and services.


Staking PRE for friends and family still holds the same amount of PRE out of circulation for the duration of the stake so should be the same but gives current supporters more incentives to bring new users over.

Another idea for the NFTs - is to give NFT owners/holders on the platform presearch AI access. This might allow an early supporter that might not have 10k pre now get access.

Expanding on the ideas above if you could stake an NFT for friends and family and they get the AI that would also be really cool.

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