Guest users vs Registered users

At the moment, the ratio of Guests vs. Registered users is about 80% vs. 20%.

This ratio is gradually increasing in favor of the guests. The main cause is probably the recent cutdown in search rewards as many users don’t see the benefits of being logged in anymore.

And now you may conclude…

Great, we see the number of token farmers decreasing, and more and more people are just using the Presearch platform regularly and not (primarily) for the search rewards.

But this conclusion is too simple…

The real question should be…

Why don’t users bother to register and log in?

The most logical answers are:

A) They don’t care at all about the additional features/benefits that they can have access to… or
B) They don’t know about these additional features/benefits.
C) The user knows about the benefits but has other reasons for being a “guest”. For example, “It’s too annoying and time-consuming to register and log in”, or “Privacy matter concerns?”, “Don’t want to get newsletters?”, etc.

Whatever the reason(s)… the team should increase “awareness”, overcome potential barriers, and add new features/benefits for registered users.

So, let’s look at the current additional features/benefits of being registered and logged in.

  1. Token holders who want to stake for search rewards, node staking, keyword staking, or AI results.
  2. NFTs. Road to mainland NFTs and possible upcoming other new NFTs.
  3. Platform settings and customization. Think about the Meta Search providers’ settings.
  4. Email newsletters. (Feature request: Easy opt-in/opt-out feature and choices of types of newsletters)
  5. Affiliate Program.
  6. Search rewards for regular users.
  7. [Needed feature] PRE payments and transfers. Now, we have only the PRE “external” deposit/withdraw feature… with consumptive models (for users and keyword stakers), we need the “internal” transfer/payment feature (even after implementation of the new sidechain and token on Cosmos).

And maybe I forgot some…

So, important features and benefits not just for token holders, but also for regular users.

And of course…

The main benefit of registered users for the team is the possibility of “marketing” to acquire new users and keep them on board. Think about email marketing, affiliate marketing, and user incentives as the search rewards (but there are many other possible user incentives).

And now the team may be proud that the percentage of guest users is that high…

But they should be ashamed as they can’t convince these “guest” users to register/login… and are indirectly restricting themselves with respect to potential “marketing” to these guest users.

So, I have tens of ideas about how to add even more features and benefits for registered users…

and I challenge you to come up with new ideas…

but first…

The team should change its “attitude” and be “proud” of the relatively high number of guest users…

and instead should make this goal one of their top priorities…

(Marketing) Goal: Transfer guest users into registered users.

Start by creating “awareness” about all the extra features/benefits a registered user has above a guest user…

Some tips to improve features for registered users:

  • Only give registered users free access to AI search results… Start a marketing campaign to transfer guests into registered users by just giving this extra AI-free feature.
  • Improve customization/settings features.
  • Come up with a new effective affiliate program.
  • Ad blocking features (free settings or even charged settings)
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Another possibility of guest users
D) some amount of once registered users that were bots farming tokens were unable to satisfy the captcha requirements but continued what they were programmed to do.

Agree with your other points:
-Highlight and educate on the benefits of being a logged-in user.

-add utilities and premium features that are enticing and provide value ideally in exchange for PRE tokens, but also non-PRE benefits, and better customization and uses.

Agree with the AI function …IF they drop the current required staking amount to ZERO. (which they mention they plan to test)

Everything else is just marketing, advertising and more marketing. This is in progress as has been highlighted in weekly updates including the last where will be doing a home page takeover.

Sounds like jumping the gun just a little.

The team plans to make it free for a while to see how it works, keep in mind that this incurs a cost to implement it in the accounts, So we’ll see how that progresses there.

Not worried. Iv’e listened to Treys’ presentations and discussions on the topic, familiar with his background. IMO wev’e got the best we could have with Trey Grainger for developing our own LLM/AI… decentralized at that! We have a “good” amount of compute resources with the nodes (not trying to compare with Nvidia of course) My home PC (crummy node overall because wifi and vpn) has a 64 core 3990x, 256 GB RAM and 4 GPUs in the case. I donate half the resources to the cause! Many home PC nodes are more powerful than VPS nodes (though mine is extreme) and that can be taken into account also @Colin (i tagged Colin cause couldn’t find Trey! :sweat_smile:)