Small changes DONE are better than Great changes Planned


Little by little, a little becomes a lot!


I am starting this thread to allow the community to provide the Presearch Team with little easy actions that have the potential to produce a little or lots of value. Small changes for the better done consistently add up to a lot. The idea is that each week hopefully these small easy changes can be added to the weekly wins and improve the user experience.


The first simple change I am recommending is the same issue in two different places: New Tabs

What I would like to see changed is if you have New Tabs toggled on, It is supposed to open any links in a new browser tab which it does. However, when the link is opened in a new browser tab it immediately takes you to that tab instead change this to just open the new tab but stay on presearch. 95% of the time a user wants to stay on Presearch to review and select a couple links to checkout then click on each link manually when you are done reviewing the likely search results.

The same problem exists with Search Providers but it is even worse - Instead of opening a new tab when you click on a specific search provider the current tab is taken over by the search provider closing out your presearch tab. Instead I think this should work the same as above where if you select a search provider to get their organic results on their organic page it should be opened in a new tab. Why?
Because if you spent the time to type in a query and the presearch results are not providing what you want then perhaps some of the other search providers might be able to. However, when you take over the presearch results and query with an organic page you no longer have the option to try another provider. You could page back then possibly try a new provider but this is very inefficient. Just make this simple open in new tab stay on presearch change and never look back.


Adding 15 min dev changes that would improve current usability of keyword staking:(Keyword Page updates)

Nodes: allow users to set amount of nodes per page to 25 or 50 or 100.


Add box for Consumed Tokens.
This would keep a running total of all consumed PRE so the user can easily see how much PRE they have consumed.

You could make this box clickable and if you click the link it is basically a filter of all consumptive charges to date.

BTW is the team ever going to make some of these simple changes that improve the user experience? Some of these suggestions were made almost 2 years ago and still nothing and they are less than 1 hour simple changes.