MVP is great! Do that more often.

Recommendations for the network/stats page:

  1. I and back and forth on the page name Network is fine but as you get it built out stats might be a better overall page name/URL.

  2. Under the daily search stats I think a break down and chart would be very helpful.
    (a) breakdown - If the data is available I would add a section similar to the network status section that shows the total searches broken down into regions. This way Presearch, advocates, advertisers can understand where searches are coming from. If you conduct marketing to grow users you should see the impact in those regions.
    (b) chart - below the added search stats regional breakdown add a chart equivalently placed to the node map. The chart should be a rolling daily close of total searches line chart w/ the left edge showing the y-axis numbers. Also on the same chart different line width and colors should be the regional daily close stats line chart and the right edge can be the y axis for those stats. Once you have enough data you should add the ability to switch the view to weekly or monthly just like a stock chart. So we can see short and long term trends.

  3. Add user stats - Both total and active users. This would indicate how well current users are responding to coming back as an active user or if we start to see active users decline we can adjust. An active user is perhaps a user that has conducted a search in the last 14 days or 1 month.?. possibly chart this as well to see trends.

  4. add stats for network usability - Not sure everything that needs to be here yet but off the top of my head I would add the number of failed search requests daily or weekly or monthly. The average search query response time. Once you add this back end management of nodes and roles can hone in on improving speed of search queries and reduce failed searches. These are important for the overall usability of the network. if these are not a public information Presearch should be tracking these things on the back end.

  5. on Network status i am back and forth on Network or Nodes for the name

  6. On the Network status I would add node rewards. This way we can see the total rewards burn rate.

If you have any other ideas let the new combined team know your thoughts.

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Do not lie. MVP is nothing. They have been working in this like for months and now this? LMAO

Hello these statistics represent the information of the last 24 hours regarding searches and rewards, it is a better way to communicate it instead of doing it manually As it was done in the weekly updates

Thanks for the suggestions as always, having statistics by region would be very interesting for what it raises about advertisers, There may be improvements And at this time it is a general overview of communicating the totality of searches on a daily basis

Minimum viable products are great. I don’t care how minimal the improvements are step improvements that happen frequently are better than big changes that may or may not happen. Once you start doing MVP you get the opportunity for feedback and improvements early making the final products much better much quicker.

If some of the suggestions are not ready to be released yet for some reason I think the chart showing the historical daily closes of searches would be a step improvement to show the trend. Presearch, advertisers, users, and token holders should all want to see the trend of searches increasing and it is a simple add. if you don’t add it you know someone will just capture the daily and make their own chart anyway.

Looking forward to action! Progress! Seeing the roadmap.

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Something like one of these added below the daily search stats would be helpful to see the trends. If country breakdowns are possible then you might need another y-axis on the right side for all the country stats. Once people start seeing their own regions or countries searches they can have fun bragging rights on social media or explain how they are starting to dismantle the Google, Bing, Baidu centralized monopolies.