Keyword Page updates

Reposting a recommendation I made in discord back in Dec 2022:

revamp on keyword staking page please: Here are some very simple things that should provide immediate value to keyword staking.

  1. Would like to ensure the keyword page data and information is viewable and resize-able on both mobil and desktop. All info is only viewable on desktop version and does not appear to be resizable without losing access/viewability of some of the information.

  2. would be great to be able to reset stats on a keyword stake similar to a trip odometer. For example if you change your ad from week to week or month to month would be great to start a separate count or simply reset the views and clicks to 0 to track and compare.

  3. would like to be able to list 50 per page vs current 25.

  4. would like to be able to filter/sort by any or all of the first row options ie: Keyword | Ad Link | Staked PRE | Position | Views | Ad Clicks - A filter or sort would allow you to see all your similar ads, your highest or lowest views or clicks, or any positions you are not 1 on.

Current dashboard is very cumbersome and not conducive to management of ads.

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