"Node Settings" Section on Dashboard

To enhance the user experience, I propose the introduction of a “Node Settings” section. This feature would provide users with the ability to set default settings for any new nodes being created.

Currently, adjusting settings for each new node is cumbersome. With this feature, we can ensure consistency across nodes and reduce repetitive tasks.

The “Update Search Node Details” functions should be mirrored into this “Node Settings” section, allowing users to make global adjustments seamlessly. This could be squeezed into the Node Dashboard or given its own “Node Settings” page, residing in the profile menu under Site Settings.

PRE Stake Amount, Description, External Url, Allowed Gateway Pools, “Send email on disconnect”, “Send email on reconnect”, and “Consider disconnected after” should all be configurable and set as the defaults for any new nodes that appear. If the user doesn’t have the PRE available, as determined by the default stake, the other parameters can still be applied.

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