Nodes Page Dynamic Resize

I just wanted to mention this; the nodes page regardless of window size, always shows the same columns and in order to see the 3 remaining columns (delete node, view stats etc), the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom would need to be used (sometimes the scrollbar is missing).

Wouldn’t it help the nodes page, if the page displayed was more proportional to the the width of the size of the window?


Hello Thank you for the suggestion, the suggestions will be taken into account by the team and eventually voting will be activated with multiple options so that the community can choose the path of Presearch and make improvements in some features of the search engine.

I’m glad someone else brought this up as it has been a minor annoyance for some time.

I support dynamic resize to better fit to screen or Mobil device. I would also support the ability to hide/unhide or resize columns for our account. Which might also be another option.

While we are on this page I did want to bring up that the filter option for pool doesn’t work. But filtering pools would allow you to quickly filter and see all nodes on testnet or not connected.

Additionally, I would like the option to choose how many rows are shown more than the current 10 rows. A simple option (10,20,25,50,all) would be an excellent addition for easier viewing and management of nodes.

Thank you


Hello Thanks, We were aware that the “pool” column was not performing the filter, surely it is like this for some reason, thanks for the observation anyway

Those were exactly my same thoughts, especially with the paging options

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Yes to all the above and also, on the node dashboard page can we add the page number selector at the top of the node section please. I know it is at the bottom but I am tired of scrolling. Also, Can we make all the node information fit in one frame either by making the frame larger (make it just a few pixels from the page edge) or by adding a text resize size button for just the frame? Thanks.