Multi-node delete function

I run nodes on Flux, which means every day new nodes are spawning and old nodes are disconnecting. Over time this builds up a significant amount of old disconnected nodes in the node dashboard. If these nodes are not managed eventually the API linkage starts timing out because there are just too many nodes to pull data from.

To delete an old node today a user has to go into the node dashboard and delete one at a time, which is a process that takes several clicks. I would like to propose a multi-node deletion feature that would allow a user to select as many nodes as he/she likes and then hit “delete” to delete them all at one time. Alternatively, a feature that would enable the deletion of an entire page of nodes would be very helpful.


I support this.

You can build more than just delete function

    1. delete (modal to confirm delete)
    1. update stake (modal to configure % to distribute to selected nodes)
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