Expand node api to allow for node reward claim and node increase / decrease of stake

Every day I claim my node rewards and spread those rewards over one or more of my nodes manually. This is a lot of work for no reason. The node API should be expanded from the current “get status” to include at least the following two actions:
a) claim node rewards
b) update node stake

I do not believe this would pose any real threat of abuse or rate limit considerations that do not currently exist for the status call.



Additional ideas, for non-API, but also to help node managers:

  1. Allow a sub-login ID which could only manage nodes. Then PRE owners could more safely delegate this function to more junior employees or to specialist third parties.
  2. A button which, in one sweeping step, automatically re-allocates all stakes to the most reliable, connected nodes.
  3. Add a column for the date of last connection.
  4. The ability to sort by multiple criteria, e.g. “Show me all nodes which are disconnected AND which have PRE staked”.
  5. An input box where the user can specify the page he wishes to jump to.
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on 5. Why even limit the number of nodes shown on a page let us view 50 or all nodes on one page.
Agree with your other suggestions.
Also see node page suggestions that should take less than a day to implement. I previously mentioned in telegram, discord, and this forum for over 6 months with zero effort to improve. I get there are priorities and the dev team can only do so much but look at easy wins prioritize the simple fixes to get periodic wins.

What can you do today that will improve users experience? Find those things and do them the other projects may be delayed by a day but no simple fix improvements is not a way towards success. constant MVP tweaks or adds are the way to success. make it 1% or even less than 1% better for users every day or every week and that adds up very fast.

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I agree - I even went so far as to cut and paste a mock UI for the node page a year ago! It was also mostly just given lip service by the team. 50% of the stuff on the node page is useless and should be put behind a link to a page or similar UI. However, I think for the sake of the team, we need to break this out into usable chunks. If they expand the API, we don’t need the webpage anyway.

For page UI enhancements, I would simply ask that you create its own request for tracking as it is not work that would be done as part of any API work.