PreGPT launch - clarity trumps persuasion

You persuaded “me” to subscribe to PreGPT, but unfortunately when I tap on “subscribe to standard (PreGPT) plan” I get a message that pops up saying “You do not have enough funds to pay for the subscription.”

Sadly, it does not tell me how to rectify that. I already have about 1 million PRE staked, and I have over 1,000 usage rewards. Is it looking for PRE in my “wallet” and if so, why doesn’t the message tell me so?!?

To further add to the confusion, I am expecting to pay in PRE, yet the price says $2/month. I believe if you clarify the payment process you will get more subscribers.

YES exactly. And even when you have PRE in your main Presearch wallet it is just a check that the requisite funds are available but in my case and for others we were not immediately charged even though it allowed to subscribe and get access to the service.

So I have been subscribed and not charged, I assume the draft PRE will be taken on the 1st along with all other subscribers but this confuses users and creates loopholes for not collecting payments. This is simply a bad rollout. I told them about these issues prior to launch I told them to have a confirmation page to let ever user know how much they would be charged and when their service would be available through. Then upon confirmation the PRE should be drafted from the users wallet into the Presearch Treasury. That is how real payment pages work and what everyone would expect.


Yes, There are things that will improve with pregpt 2, But we actually mentioned in the weekly updates that it was necessary to have around $2 or a little less in pre wallet to pay for the subscription, It is also mentioned when you go to the following link Presearch
Likewise, the team could improve the message

The pre is deducted from the Pre wallet and goes to the project treasury, There was some type of bug in your particular case which caused the amount to not be charged