Accepting payment in fiat

Please can the community supply ideas to help the company take payment in PRE instead of fiat.

It is crucial that the company becomes profitable, and for that it needs to enable customers to pay conveniently.

However, in conjunction with reducing search rewards, we are in danger of straying further down the road of “token not needed.”

How about requiring payment in PRE, but establishing a subsidiary to accept fiat, and then pay in PRE on behalf of the customer? The company could then exchange PRE immediately or periodically to fiat as needed. I appreciate there would be a cost to this.

Or having a streamlined, automated process for payments in PRE, potentially with a discount, compared to a clunky fiat process?

Or have a reseller network, who would be more switched on to PRE?

What other ideas do people have?

Hello, when you say payments in Pre instead of Fiat, what particular service are you referring to? For example, when the keyword consumption system comes, the fee paid by the user would be in Pre, the search Stake will also be in Pre, nodes, previously Fiat was used in addition to crypto to buy Pre in the internal presearch market, although it is no longer available asset.

Thanks for your comments, I invite you to see the weekly updates tomorrow we will talk about monetization :slightly_smiling_face:

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Payments to the company by customers (advertisers), as per minute 19:48 of Weekly Update no. 130: “We’re going to allow and encourage fiat payments for the moment”.

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Thanks for mentioning it, that can be adjusted according to the need of the project

Thanks for mentioning it, that can be adjusted according to the need of the project, At this time, those earnings are those that have to do with monetization and as Tim said, 1% can be used to make Pre purchases in external markets.