PRE payments page

Develop a PRE payments page on the presearch platform.

The purpose would be a checkout page to pay for goods and services using PRE from your presearch wallet, the usage/search rewards, or an external web3 self custody wallet.

This would become the platform’s payment gateway for anything from presearch swag, to pay as you go services like AI, consumptive advertising, and NFTs.


Assuming Cosmos becomes integrated and listed on exchanges this PRE payments page could also include fiat as a payment option.

The more utilities that are built that require PRE the better. When someone wants the good or service presearch is offering (requiring PRE) the fiat option could markup the price to account for token price volatility, exchange, and transfer fees any card processing fees, plus a small profit. Then accept a CC or debit card for the transaction. This way users could access the goods or services without having to purchase PRE themselves.

This is distinctly different from presearch selling tokens they hold to individuals. Instead presearch would be the middleman to automatically purchase tokens from the exchanges transfer them back into treasury while they use their tokens to credit the users account for the service requested. This would not be used to purchase tokens and hold them but rather for services and consumptive uses.

In this way presearch is acting like any other business, accepting payments for goods and services. The only caveat is that in order for the service to work a token is required which presearch takes care of that for users not willing or able to on their own. This likely avoids regulatory issues and provides a small profit to presearch for those transactions. It also ensures PRE volume on open markets and demand for PRE token (assuming many great PRE utilities are available for users).

When a fiat transaction is approved a smart contract purchases the tokens from an exchange and they can be transferred back into a multi signature treasury wallet. As the open market purchase is being completed the available treasury account can move the tokens to initiate the users requested service.