New keyword consumption model!

Reenergizing the need for a revamped keyword system. The current system has destroyed a once great ISP and in its current form is wasted opportunity. Here are a few recommendations that may provide a useful update for advertisers, users, and most importantly income for the project:

Keyword Staking - push keyword staking ads back to the top where the consumptive charge is currently showing. Before you criticize read this in its entirety there is thought behind it. Create a 1x stake fee charge for all stakes this can even be advertised in AMAs, blog posts, Social media, and emails to users for fair warning so that you can retroactively charge the 1x stake fee for all current stakes. Then any change to ads or new keyword stakes from henceforth would incur a 1x stake fee.

If a user chooses to increase stake amount without making any ad changes they would simply be charged the difference in 1x stake fee not an entirely new fee.
Example: 100 PRE stake initial fee of 10 PRE if the ad remained unchanged but the user wanted to stake 500 total PRE they would only be charged 40 PRE fee for the difference; however if the user changes the ad then they would be charged the full 50 PRE.

[Development wise if the user clicks to change stake only the staked amount would be able to be changed the ad portion would be visible but greyed out and not editable. Reducing stake would not incur a fee only increasing stakes. If user wants to change the ad then they would have to click a checkmark acknowledging that they understand changing the ad will incur a full stake fee. Once clicked the ad section would become editable and the stake fee would recalculate as a new stake. You could cancel and not be charged anything or proceed with the new charge]

The fee schedule would reward higher stakes by being an inverse progressive fee.
Fee Schedule:
100-1000 PRE = 10% fee
1001-10000 PRE = 5% fee
10001-100000 PRE = 1% fee
100001 + = .1% fee

All stakes would incur the lower fee structure but the more you stake the better deal you get with the fee and depending on the competition the more views you could get.
100 stake = 10 PRE fee
20000 stake = 650 PRE fee (100+450+100)

The benefit to the advertisers is upfront 1 time cost for potentially unlimited views and clicks. The risk to the advertisers is other users or advertisers competing for the same keywords which overtime may potentially reduce the number views and clicks. The top stake would always get the most views via a bonus but after the highest stake bonus all stakes would get views in proportion to their staked amount. The high stake reward and ensuring you get the most views would drive staking competition locking up more tokens than a winner-take-all approach. With winner take all tens or hundreds of stakes are taken off the table reducing the total locked PRE. Users would be able to stake multiple ads on a single keyword to compare ad effectiveness or to promote different products or services in whatever stake proportion they choose. Another potential risk to stakers are consumptive keywords which I will explain shortly.

Three additions to supercharge this keyword staking model

-keyword API or better tracking page for performance of all your staked keywords. And a better filter by ads, or by views, clicks, or staked amount.

-ability to quickly add multiple keywords for a single ad. [I think this can be achieved by having all the ad information the same as today but for the keyword just create the ability to add or paste keywords separated by”;” or some other unique character. Then in the confirmation preview page it would simply list all the keywords and tally the total staked amount and fees.] say you chose a stake amount of 1000 and had listed ten keywords you think are most appropriate for your ad on the confirmation page you would see your ad the ten listed keywords and your total stake amount plus fee.

-eventually when you have a mechanism for live dex or exchange PRE purchases you could add stripe for fiat payments which would auto convert to PRE. But until then I would be happy with this staking to initially only be available to those using PRE.

To recap benefits of changing keyword staking:

  • Better diverse search results and ads for users in a prime location
  • Better tracking and management of ads and performance for keyword stakers.
  • Ease to stake multiple keywords
  • This would gamify and reward early mass staking or staking when PRE price is low. Because the stake fee in fiat terms is less and you gain the benefit of potentially much higher lifetime views and clicks before competition arrives and as user growth occurs.
  • This would massively increase total PRE locked and also encourage PRE tokens to remain locked in keywords (BTW these are tokens locked in a non-rewarded/non-inflationary stake which is great). Because the fee is 1x many will retain their stakes so as to not pay new fees unless they have a better use for the tokens or need to adjust their ad.
  • Creates a new revenue stream of PRE back into treasury. Great for tokenomics and project income.

Consumptive keywords - I think consumptive should compete directly with staking. I have laid out a vision for this but in order to simplify from a development perspective I would be ok with consumptive keywords taking 100% of the views and be initially queued as winner take all. Being how this ad position is the same position as the staking if this model is adopted, this would mean as long as someone is willing to place a consumptive bid on keywords the stakers would then get no views until consumptive bid campaigns are all completed and no new consumptive bids are queued.

[this would look much like the current keyword advertising where you enter your ad information and link. Similar to the new proposed staking there would be an option to add multiple keywords to make this easy and efficient. Then you would have an option for a CPM (cost per thousand views) bid amount in this section a user could toggle PRE or FIAT and Presearch could obviously set a minimum threshold for each possibly a lower threshold for PRE to account for price fluctuations. Then you have a spot to enter the total campaign amount. When you advance to the confirmation page it will show your ad preview to confirm everything looks good, list all of keywords you are bidding on, your CPM bid amount, and the total campaign amount you would be willing to spend. If PRE then upon confirmation that amount would be pulled from your account and held in a separate consumptive escrow wallet. If payment is in fiat stripe will take the credit or Apple Pay and process the transaction.]

Since the user is paying for views every view would be charged 1/1000th of the bid amount across all selected keywords. If a higher bid comes in on a keyword that bid would get all the views until either outbid or that campaign funding amount is depleted. The person outbid would be notified their keyword has been outbid and they can either increase their bid to put theirs at the top or leave the balance as is and wait for the other campaigns to end. They could also add keywords to their ad to increase potential views.

[All keywords that have a stake or consumptive bid when on the confirmation page would see the highest stake and bid amount and could then adjust their bid or stake for those specific keywords if desired. With the pages being so similar you could even have all options on a single keywords page.]

This competitive keyword system is 100 times better than the current basic model. It benefits all parties, returns a once great USP but gets income from it upfront, and allows anyone willing to bid consumptively to be able to compete and spend money or PRE. In the current system you have to outbid the highest stake to be able to pay a fee. Just let people pay and bid up queues in the consumptive keywords.

When you start onboarding more users this scales and turns a single ad slot into a Token locking income generating machine.
Seems like such a no brainer it makes me wonder if we have the funding or devs support to make this happen. This feature will pay for itself over time and become a new revenue stream. The current system due to poor design is pathetic at locking tokens and generating income. Change it NOW!

Give this a heart or thumbs up if you agree so the team can address this by turning wasted opportunity into income.

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