Influencers, Online personalities and Keyword Staking

Just going to copy/paste what I posted in Telegram a while back…

Just going to drop this here … I have 50 nodes. I have decided to start keyword staking on others behalf. If I like or follow someone on Twitter, Gab, Rumble etc etc and I like what they have to say I and they have their own webiste or “channel” / podcast etc. I am staking keywords “related” to them and linking to their “advertised” links/posts/websites/spaces etc. I then inform them of what I am doing and say thanks for what they do and then tell them “its on me” and “search this” on I think this is a great way to expose some to Presearch who may have the ability to help spread the word. I will keep doing this as long as keyword staking remains free. I’m going to use1k+ a month. If you have 50+ nodes …(or if your bags are heavy) something to think about… All of my keyword staking is done this way. I have currently on 11 staked. It usually doesn’t cost much because you are rarely bidding against someone. Just a thought of how WE can help grow Presearch.


I am going to do this today onwards. Good thinking.


Good strategy, thanks for sharing.

I like it! I’ll look at doing the same.


Hello. I’m now taking part in very speculative project - a meme coin. It very interesting what community members do to promote their project on Twitter. Every morning they drink a cup of coffee first and open Twitter. They tweet #Presearch (it would be like this for Presearch which is in no way a meme coin). Then click on it, choose Latest tweets. You like all positive posts about Presearch and retwitt most of them. If you have some time write a comment with a meme. They are very good with pictures and memes and also can use memes supplied by the project. They also write good things about their project on Coinmarketcap and popular Twitter accounts. This seemed silly to me at first but now I think it’s good for a project. You need just 10-20 people doing that, plus regular tweets and memes from Presearch. Community members doing that could be in some way, for example in the form of a competition of memes or number of comments made, rewarded in pre for that.
For meme coins it’s very important and effective, why not for Presearch?

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Thanks for the initiative, in this new stage active marketing for Presearch will begin, informative emails, short videos on the different Presearch social networks and more It’s good to see community members commenting on Twitter now X about the project, telegram, Reddit, etc. We appreciate what the community does and all the interest and support they have had so far, so we hope there will be more activity in the area of ​​marketing and that it will be constant To increase searches so people can really know about the project

Great idea! Something every community member that is on “X” could do. I’m going to start doing something like this. I mean it would take all of 30 seconds on X once a day. We could use a quality memer! Perhaps we could run monthly contest for the best OG Presearch meme! Then every month we would have new ones to spread!

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