Join the upcoming AMA with our CEO

Join the upcoming AMA with our CEO, Tim Enneking and Head of Community Colin Pape! :fire:

The AMA will take place tomorrow at 15:00 pm EST.

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Listened to the AMA - a few highs and lows

-Explanation of DAO over top of the INC with the DAO being the majority owner of the INC and requires vote to go below 50%. This was an important note and explanation

-I like the reaffirmation that NO data is being collected and therefore not able to be extracted by anyone.

-It was said we need less nodes for the current number of searches but then @44:15 Tim said “we don’t know still collecting the data” on how many nodes we need for current 3-4m searches? If we don’t know what the optimal nodes to search amount is at 3-4m then how do we know nodes need to be reduced. This is another concern in cutting all the benefits to early adopters in exchange for more profit to the INC. The words and actions are now consistently saying the same thing. We are going to treat early adopters like a business expense trying to get it as low as possible in order to make equity value as high as possible and we don’t care to hear what the community thinks about it; this is what is happening from my perspective. A TAKEOVER OF PRESEARCH by VC and TRADFI is what I am hearing and seeing with actions. No Bueno!

-Tim said Presearch is not here to employ anyone it is a search engine and will be treated like one (interpretation we are playing by tradfi and incumbent rules other than the cost of business being decentralized and having a minor level playing field option for keyword staking/consumption text ads). I sincerely hope Colin and the rest of the team and community don’t agree with this because if we go along with this idea the PROJECT is DEAD it WILL NOT COMPETE AGAINST THE INCUMBENTS with only this minor differentiation. Yes you can cut rewards and costs down and make VC investors whole plus profit but this will not win and not put a dent in the universe.

What will? You have to think and operate differently.

Recommendations - not that that these mean much anymore from what I have seen, this forum appears to be nearly useless so far. However, I will continue to try to get it through to anyone who has ears to hear and eyes to see:

I recommend Tim, the Team, Colin and especially the Community think very hard on this and find it within each of you to change the model from a cost cutting finite (“zero sum”) mindset to an infinite mindset which I will attempt to highlight some of the ideas of the later below.

To win against these incredibly powerful and infinitely resourced incumbents and to onboard the world to Presearch we must change the game. To do that Presearch must offer more opportunity and value than any other search provider. That opportunity is for Presearch, the DAO, the Team, the INC, Investors, the Community, and the future hundreds of millions of users of the platform. This may be in the form of buying a piece of the platform business model or just taking advantage of the value offerings and knowing you are supporting something bigger than yourself and bigger than Google. This might mean tokenizing into NFTs all the Ad slots with the majority owner being the DAO, selling these NFTs to the world a little at a time; as the project grows and searches grow more demand for the fewer available ad slots will continue to grow. Presearch will make PRE/Fiat on the sale of these ad slots, and in order to enter the NFTs (ownership of an ad slot) into the ad rotation it will command PRE consumptively. Any resales of the circulating ad slots on the platform will also give owners and Presearch a percentage of the resale. So the DAO and INC if they choose to participate could own a vast majority of the ad slots and as demand increases sell them on the market piecemeal making profit but maintaining a majority share ensuring they will always be able to provide ads to their partnered ad networks. But in this infinite mindset model Presearch makes 100% profit on the initial NFT sales in PRE/fiat and the sale price would grow with every sale to account for the supply and demand. Presearch also makes profit on resales and operating income from ads in the rotation requiring PRE and possibly Fiat that is returned to treasury. This starts to put massive demand on the token because it would be required for all ads. Users who buy and operate ads themselves with some percent of the ad slots are incentivized to go out and find advertisers who will pay the NFT owners for the use of their owned ad slots (this drives demand by these part owners of the platform to bring on more users and more advertisers). This ensures built in competition (the driver of innovation) and a diverse mix of advertisers from all over the world – all creating infinite income for Presearch. A model like this where users and community can benefit will pull in more users, innovators, and entrepreneurs which will continue to pull in more advertisers and this virtuous cycle repeats until Presearch sucks up all the worlds users or Google and Bing attempt change their TRAD model to mirror Presearch and avoid massive marketshare losses. Presearch would be NAME brand everyone wants to be a part of the innovator and new pacing threat to the whole search ecosystem, they all would have to adapt or die.

The same concept is true for Presearch communities. Sell the NFT (which is ownership of a unique community) allow communities to then charge a subscription for the value of accessing their tailored search results. All of the initial NFT sales are 100% profit to Presearch all resales on the platform are some percentage profit and all subscriptions are some percentage profit to Presearch for setting up and developing this innovative model. In the future communities with a certain subscription base may have some of their top curated results included in the overall Presearch results even if lower page 1 or 2 improving the search results for the whole ecosystem and making the search API more valued by the world.

Make AI access free or at least free for an initial trial period upon new user sign ups so each new user can experience search with AI. Then charge PRE for AI access in proportion to the costs to run it with a profit. Once this is built it is very easy to continue to add other consumptive PRE charges for other AI API access. Eventually you turn Presearch into the AI search launchpad where individuals and companies want to launch their tailored or niche AI on Presearch in exchange for PRE income when used and of course some percent of PRE to Presearch. Once its built it costs very little to maintain or add new AI allowing our user base access to the biggest and best niche AI in a one-stop-shop with privacy and not having to give up email or login credentials to a bunch of AI startups. Some of these will be great with private data now exclusively accessible by Presearch users and others might not be so great but may be free or cheaper in price people will be able to try out whatever services they choose and will toggle these on or off some may not get much revenue or use from users and may eventually be dropped from the platform. This is infinite income potential especially with how fast AI is developing. There already are and will just continue to be many great tailored AI options into the future, Presearch should capitalize on that. Imagine getting access to AI on hunter Biden’s laptop, or AI on private university research data, non-HIPPA non-PII medical data etc. There will be so much AI not currently accessible or interested in partnering with TRAD centralized search but is more tailorable or niche that could possibly become exclusive to Presearch users.

Staking or consumptive charges for giving other users AI or some other access is another area that could help node runners and other community members bring in more users - growing total searches. If a potential new user doesn’t feel compelled to shift to Presearch under current comparison - giving us each the ability to entice new users by staking or paying PRE consumptively for someone else’s AI access for whatever period of time we decide might be something we could offer a new user as an incentive to join and start using Presearch today. Give us keys, tools, and opportunity to unlock and dethrone incumbent users don’t just give us crumbs and think the world will shift on their own. I revile the idea that we the community and users are simply an operating cost worthy of 1-20% of the operating revenue. If you bring us in and partner with the best entrepreneurs and innovators we collectively will bring far more users, searches, and business than Presearch could ever hope to bring in on their own even with hundreds of millions of VC capital. Why? Because People don’t want to be treated like sh!t, like every other company and INC treats them, they want to be treated better, they are craving a brighter future and will seek and share that opportunity with the rest of the world. Also if you are not changing the game the incumbents will outspend you 1000:1. Presearch’s only hope for wild success is to be that change!

These are some of the things that need to be on the roadmap to make a dent in the universe and to change the search provider eco-system forever. The trend of the next decade is the decentralization of everything that includes the decentralization of power and monopolies. Presearch could and should be the driver of that in the search space. If not Presearch someone else will and THEY WILL WIN!

These are all winning ideas and concepts, is there room to improve or create other similar concepts absolutely. Don’t sit on the sidelines and let this opportunity pass over Presearch grab onto to it and build it and the future will be infinite. These will work because they are WIN, WIN, WIN solutions (win for the user, win for the advertisers, and win for Presearch INC/DAO)! Tokenomics would be incredibly improved constant demand and income means rewards and incentives can sustain or increase over time to scale the network. Everyone could be rewarded for the value they bring to the Presearch platform, exactly how the vision paper laid out and how it should be.

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