Keyword staking and consumptive model

I would look to change Keyword staking to Keywords as you implement a better staking model that competes with a new consumptive model.

As previously explained keywords should be at the top either in the #1 or #2 ad position (if other ads as Ben listed provide better results for users and more income then sure put those at #1 and Keywords at #2).
I still strongly believe staking in competition with consumptive CPC/CPV is a great play.

Staking – Instead of charging stakers an ongoing fee that would likely reduce or kill a great USP; I would instead recommend implementation of a 1x stake fee for every new stake or change. If you want to change your ads you will again pay another 1x stake fee.

The fee structure I think that makes sense is:
Staked amount | Non-refundable stake fee
100 - 1000 | 10%
1001 - 1 million |1%
Over 1million | 0.1%

10 PRE for a 100 PRE staked keyword and 100 PRE for a 1k staked keyword. A 100k stake would cost a 1090 PRE fee… etc.

You want to maintain a great innovation USP you also want to maintain large stakes that are beneficial to the tokenomics by having large quantities of PRE locked up providing value but not in regular circulation. The fee structure percentages are more competitive the more you stake but higher for small amounts to disincentivize cheap junk staking which will still be possible but in competition will be seen very seldom by users.

This staking fee structure over time will pay for the development cost and become a net income stream even if initially small. It preserves a USP for the project allowing anyone to compete for keywords and incentivizes larger stakes that are beneficial for the token by locking up millions. Allows competitive ads to get much greater views based on competition of staked PRE amount.
If you make the model easy to stake, track, and manage especially allowing large numbers of keywords to be staked at a time, I think the number of keywords and phrases as well as tokens locked will quickly increase above the current 16k staked keywords and preserve and grow the amount of tokens staked. People will know what their long term cost is and can still adjust ads or keywords with a simple fee.
As far as the annoying ads Ben has highlighted the winner takes most will still incentivize staking competition while at the same time increasing the diversity of ads and giving higher stakes (possibly higher quality) more views. IMHO this reduces the issues noted for users, doesn’t kill off a Presearch USP but rather enhances it, all while being token positive.

Assuming 25k keywords and phrases staked 80% @ 100 stake, 10% @ 1k, 5% @2k, 4% @3k; 0.5% @4k, 0.3% @5K, 0.15% @10k, 0.04% @100k, and 0.01% @1M: This WAG would equate to a 1 time fee of 777K PRE assuming an annual 20% turnover/change rate in stakes this is an additional 155k PRE. If stakes grow by 20% annually as users grow that’s around 186k PRE income annually just from staking and locks up 14M + and growing PRE.

Now add in a consumptive model that directly competes with the staking model that is 100% consumptive PRE or FIAT income and you have a great #1 or #2 ad spot option that starts to slow the PRE outflows. Most monetizing keywords will get quality ads competing and winning most of the views.

You can still test use or develop other options alongside this competitive keywords model.