Idea for mass adoption

Hello Group!
Perhaps someone thought about this before me, but it seems to me that this should be a priority. About 460 million people have Spanish as their native language, 77 million have French, Mandarin has 918 million, and English; 360 million + 270 million who understand it. If you see where I’m going with this, it’s like if I have a buisness and an extraordinary product that I offer to 3.5 out of 10 people, OR RATHER, … that I don’t offer to 6.5 out of 10 people. No?
It seem to me then before launching an advertising campaign, wouldn’t it be important to translate everything related to Presearch into Spanish, French, etc…? In my opinion, even a poor translation is better than no translation at all!

It’s just an idea…

Btw, this small text is translated from French by ChatGPT :wink:



Sounds like a good idea to me! I think the function would need to be in settings. Not sure how much load on Nodes it would take to instantly convert search page results into a “preferred language” …? Can’t be IP based …I use a VPN and usually use Poland or Sweden …I get some ads sometimes certain browsers,games etc …look cool, but no clue what they are saying! LOL.

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Hello friend, thanks for the suggestion, it’s a great idea and I think it’s in the team’s plans. I’ll try to find out how it goes.

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I think if you conduct a search in your language you are likely to get search results that most align to that language. As for your numbers not sure that is all accurate probably dedends on what you mean by native language vs people who speak those languages. The stats I found looking up your claim were different, but agree that perhaps getting the announcements translated and posted for the various languages would be beneficial.

I also think they need to update the with some of the additions I recommended. This would allow us all to track a chart of the growth in searches and by region. If you start conducting marketing in other regions we should see the associated uptick of users and searches in those regions otherwise the marketing is not effective.
The team seems to have more data than they are showing the community they mentioned today that 44% of the searches are from the US alone.

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Hello. The most important for a person who does not know English is to have browser interface in their native language. Google chooses it automatically. Can Presearch do it or it’s not good for privacy? Anyway, a lot of people use VPNs. It might be a setting where a person can easily choose their prefferd language.
2 Also the most important information and updates for community could be translated into some other languages.


I’m with you both of those make sense.

For example, when you click on a icon of a person on the Homepage you get a pop-up menu. One item on that menu Change password. It’s not so important. It can be substituted with Language, Choose your language.

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Thanks indeed, language is a fundamental factor for growth. In fact, I think that this had been mentioned to the team at some point, We hope that can be implemented AND in such a way that it is more comfortable to use for users in different languages.

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Add the network.presearch tracking/chart changes for regions.
Then add a language option in the user interface start translating the AMAs find some native influencers and see the uptick in interest from those regions.

Hello. May be members of the team taking part in the forum could pick specific questions and suggestions made in this forum they find interesting and ask them during AMA and regular weekly updates. Because for some people including me it’s much more convenient way to ask questions and make suggestions. Also it will improve communication between the Presearch community and the team.

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Hello yes, People will have the opportunity to ask any type of question related to the project to the team, There are many interesting questions and proposals here so it would be a good idea

Hi, can I also suggest changing the interface for image search, Google’s layout it better. On a webpage, if you click on a particular search result, Google then opens a section on the webpage that gives you similar images. Also, on a phone browser, the layout is a lot clearer. On Presearch phone browser, the images are squashed together, and when you click on an image you only get a partial/squashed view. I think these suggestions would increase the number of users using Presearch for image searches.


I would also suggest removing the requirement for having 1000 PRE in a wallet to use the AI results. We also want to add more value than Google, and AI results is one way to do that. However, we don’t want to make it a hassled for new users to use Presearch AI results by having to create an account, buy PRE from an exchange and deposit it in a wallet. Just too much hassle.

There are at least 7 AI search engines that don’t require you to deposit funds in order to use them:

Feels like Presearch is lagging in this area.


Can I also suggest having a Wikipedia entry?

It is shown when searching Wikipedia for “Distributed Search Engine” along with some other startups, but it doesn’t have its own Wikipedia page. See link below:


Hello thanks for the suggestion this was an idea what we have reviewed before. We will check it again

They were a leader with the beta but lack of execution or sustainability prevented them from capitalizing on the opportunity.
I also recommended they at least do a free 1-week trial for new users so they can onboard with a great experience and if they like the benefits of AI results, which most will after the free trial period they need to hold I think 2500 tokens now down from 10k.
I would love to see a consumptive model where users could pay with PRE for 1-day, 1-week, or 1-month access. Allow them to use referral/search rewards as well.
Lastly, I think they should have an option to either stake or pay consumptive PRE for another user’s AI access. Once clean execution on this these can all be extended to other AI access on Presearch.

It dropped to 5k, then 2.5k and this week will drop to 1k.
We’re thinking of making it free for everyone for a test week to figure out how much that would cost Presearch.


That is great news.

  1. If free and sustainable perfect!
  2. Next best would be 1 week free trial for all current users then only 1 week free trials for new signups thereafter. This gives everyone a taste of what their searches could be like.
  3. Add option to stake 2.5 or 1k for other users. If not totally free moving forward this would give the community an option to entice new users by giving them a certain period of AI access ourselves. Especially for those not into crypto.
  4. Add consumptive payment option. 1-day, 1-week, 1-month access in exchange for 5 PRE, 25 PRE, 75 PRE respectively. This feature would begin to slowly flow PRE back into treasury. And once developed could be easily used for additional AI or other services as well.

Hello, thanks for the suggestions, we are always pending. For the moment it will remain at 1000 PRE any new change we will notify you

I get it may not be feasible to be free but if not, do you have any comments on 2-4? I mean could these be added to the roadmap?

If you want each of us to bring on new users you have to give us some ability to influence people’s decision to join. These solutions would give us some options to entice people at little to no cost or actually an income or larger lockup of PRE. I feel like I could certainly be able to bring on more users if I had this option because I personally would then be able to offer a value proposition beyond “trust me it’s great.” I could say hey let me give you AI access for a week or a month and try it out and see if you like it.