Daily statistics!

In the past 24 hours, we had over 2.6 M searches and over 4,600 PRE tokens issued as rewards. Let’s keep the future of decentralized search engines alive. Presearch is the way!

#DecentralizedSearch #SearchAI #Web3

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Dawing si ya yo lo publiqué porque me borra la publicación? Por favor no me borres la publicación si yo la tengo primero, si tú públicas primero que yo evidentemente yo no la voy a borrar

Hola Moi estaba duplicado pero si fue así no me di cuenta :sweat_smile:. Disculpa :grinning:

Dale fino , lo que pasa es que tenía otro título :slightly_smiling_face::handshake:

We don’t need
:fire:Daily statistics
and Daily statistics! pick one and post in 1.

Also you wouldn’t even need to post if you just kept a graphed log for all to see on the stats page as has been recommended numerous times.

I get there are other priorities but some things that are simple to implement and will save the team time from having to finger over results all at different times of the day mind you and format and PDF it and post it all takes time. Spend a little time up front and be done with it.

Go for little improvements that make 1% better that will add up quickly to a much better user experience and platform.

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We know that users can see it in network.presearch.com, It’s just a way to show it in a general and informative way

Sure keep it under a daily spot if needed but otherwise I DISAGREE completely! Please @Geovyy and @Moises-Pre DO NOT STOP!

It makes for a really easy copy/paste social media blast for me!!! :slight_smile: Sheesh! I can provide the link at the same time, but most people are SCROLLING not CLICKING on social media!

Thanks for the support, we think it’s important to share it as much as possible even you can ignore it too :sweat_smile:

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This isn’t a proposal. Please remove it from the Proposal category.


Thanks for the observation, it is already being published in general discussion

Currently, you have five categories.

And you are posting statistics in the Proposal category.


You could create an Announcements category (instead of using a tag) and move all of these in there or move these to Community Discussions. It does not make sense to have these in the Proposal category.