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Hello Presearchers,

As we’ve been discussing on the weekly updates, we are working on a new homepage for that will include more information about the unique value proposition (UVP) of the project.

To coincide with this, and to try to easily communicate why someone should use Presearch, especially to new users, we are looking to determine a slogan (or slogans) that can be included on the homepage and in other communications.

So far, community input has centered around four main categories:

Efficiency / quality
General / community
Crypto / earning related

Please see this week’s update for more information and a current list of slogans received:

We are looking for additional ideas and discussion to help shape the slogan, and are contemplating running a contest to select the most popular slogans for use by the project.

Stay tuned for more details.

What are your thoughts on the Presearch UVP and potential slogans?

Thanks for your support!

Team Presearch


“The Future of Search”


Hello everyone. I’m not a native English speaker, but here are my contributions. If they seem a bit silly or grammatically incorrect, please just ignore them (in my defense, they might make sense in Portuguese, my native language :sweat_smile:)

  • Search, Research, Earn. Just Presearch.

  • [(P)re]search = $

  • Be anonymous. Be smart. Presearch it.

  • Don’t sell your privacy for free. Be free. Use Presearch.

  • Presearch, where search and privacy yield.


Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

The slogan needs to be all encompassing so that the 50-100 ideas could still fit.

I like “the future of search” posted above or

Presearch - “what search was meant to be”

A slogan like these can still encompass all the other noted ideas.

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I also like “The future of search”. It’s clean, but maybe too simple?


Presearch is all a good idea and everything or so we believe :)) The name itself is very cheesy to begin with. How about chaning the name alltogether?? Presearch claims to be decentralized or wants to be decentralized at some point as we are told, but you asking for a slogan simply defeats the purpose. If you claim to be decentralized should you not be able to come up with better ways how to propose ideas on the Presearch project? You present yourself as a failed project by asking opinions on forum…

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Precisely part of decentralization is allowing the community to interact with the project, request opinions and suggestions that allow us to improve the product and make it more attractive. Colin or Tim could choose a tagline themselves, but instead they encourage interaction with the community to get Presearch on the right path. I don’t see why that is synonymous with weakness or failure when many people in centralized companies don’t even have the right to express themselves and give their opinion. Thanks for the comments.

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For me, the perfect slogan must echo the Presearch whitepaper and strategy.
Here are a couple of ideas and suggestions:

  1. Unleashing the power of online privacy and rewards.
  2. Discover the web privately and get rewarded for it.
  3. Presearch it, privatise it & earn it.
  4. Search & earn. Privately
  5. Your search, your rewards, your privacy.
  6. (P.R.E.)search: Privacy - Rewards - Exploration
  7. Unbiased and private search engine that rewards you.

Slogan ideas:

  1. Privacy Reimagined
  2. PRE, where you decide the search results
  3. Because f**k those other guys (sorry, I couldn’t resist.)
  4. PRE, where the search outputs match your search inputs
  5. PRE, where the search output looks like the search input
  6. Pure Search

Elon regularly asks his followers for input, and he’s changing the world daily. I think PRE is on the right track to do the same.

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That’s right, the community’s opinion will always be important for any project :handshake:

Well, I did provide my opinion as a Presearch supporter and I am not sure why we are bringing up an individual named Elon lol. I am guessing you are referring to a person called Elon Musk. What does he have to do with the Presearch project? If he did we would all be muliti-millionaires by now but that is not reality is it? If we are following Elon Musk’s ways this is a dead project for sure…All I am saying is that if you consider yourself to be a decentralized project or trying to become one then why not promote ideas in a decentralized way?? I mean idk it makes no sense to ask for ideas on a public forum.

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A slogan I was thinking is.

“Own Your Search”


That was simply an example that the user wanted to give, asking people’s opinions in this forum is a way to decentralize the implementation of improvements, new functionalities, etc., as I said in my previous message Presearch seeks closer integration with people who use the search engine to discuss important and decisive elements for the advancement of the roadmap, keywords, slogan, advertising, etc., in this way the community knows that the team takes their suggestions into account as it did with the implementation of Coinzilla publicity at the time, in fact later with the creation of the Dao there will be much more voting power and participation in the decisions of the project, so of course it is something positive instead of seeing it from the negative side.

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Ok fine you have a point. How about the slogan “King of Search”? It’s like the Budweiser slogan “King of Beers” but with a kick to it lol. How about another one I came up with and it goes like this “Presearch: its never too late to research” Its just one of the few a came up with currently but I would like to hear all your ideas as well…


One other one I want to suggest…East vs West Presearch is the best…You guys better pay me for these ideas, you know it would only be fair :smile:

I love the Own Your Search one!


“My Search, My Data, Presearch”

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Privacy that pays. Earn with Presearch

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