Presearch slogan and Tagline Survey

Presearch is on a mission to share the benefits of our unbiased search results and privacy-focused experience with a wider audience. Currently, the Presearch community is engaging in selecting a fitting slogan and tagline, fill in the survey below to also help build this ecosystem and take it to new heights.

Can you please add the input from this community forum as options that the community can select in the typeform?

The form you can see different slogan options for different categories, I’m sure they took some suggestions from the community forum

They did not take add any proposed slogans that had multiple hearts in the other thread on the community forum. So either they didn’t read the community forum or the team disagrees with the community sentiment.

I would venture to guess all the options came from telegram further disincentivizing the use of the community forum.

This is what I am talking about the team is off on their own island I had a discussion with a team member yesterday and he said some of the ideas I talked to him about should be easy to implement. The problem i have is that I have provided these same ideas months or years ago and it requires me to have a meeting with a team member to try to get any attention or traction for easy good ideas. If the team would just read the forum.

If you can’t take the time to read the forum then at least use AI to ingest it and have it pump out the best ideas for income, or user growth, or advertising, or to gain community trust etc.

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Here are others I liked from the community that were not included in your survey.

-The future of search
-Own Your Search
-Fu<|< Google
-Search for Society
-Presearch… The search engine of progress.
-Make Privacy Great Again… Search with Presearch!
-Presearch… Search with Passion!

These all have minimal play on “Presearch” the name of the project. Not that there needs to be play on a project’s name, but it could help better define who we are and what we stand for if we can explain it simply and succinctly especially if our name says it to its very core.

How do you play on PRE = before or prior to…

Therefore Presearch = Back to “what search was meant to be”…

Search before it was centralized and corrupted. Before it was taken over. Before they started stealing your data. Before it started curating biased results and influencing people and elections without their knowledge.

Presearch - “What search was supposed to be”. For the people by the people benefiting all people.

another variation
“The way search was intended”…

These ideas are general enough that all the other tag lines, ideas, and USPs for the project would easily fit after this slogan.

ex: Presearch - What search was meant to be… Private… Decentralized… Fair and Unbiased… a network that rewards those who contribute to its success… etc.

Thanks for the feedback, the options have already been chosen to be voted on by the community which you can see In one of the posts on this forum, Stay tuned for more updates on that.

Regarding the slogan we compiled an extensive list of all our social media, I particularly took that job but after a filter the selections are those that are in the form.

I totally agree with @XRPRE on this… Why ask the community for input on this forum if the suggestions wont be seen or used eitherway? None of the great suggestions on this forum was in the typeform.

I really don’t like the way this project is currently handling the community, time and time again the team goes it’s own way without taking inputs from the community. You actually DO take inputs, but only on the teams suggestions, not the communitys and I think that is wrong.

Sorry for the negativity, but it really has to change. Please include the slogan suggestions from this forum, since there actually were some really good ones!. And when it’s included, make a new typeform so people can re-vote, this time with suggestions from the community forum.

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None of these really stood out to me. I love Presearch and none of it clicked with me. Maybe we need another round of ideas.


Hi Derek, thanks for the comments, there are currently no planned changes to the current survey, The results of the chosen slogans will be notified in the coming days, Likewise, if there is any news, any change, or proposals related to this, we will notify you at the time. Thanks to all users for participating

Thanks for the update.

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Last Chance to share your voice

Currently, the Presearch community is engaging in selecting a fitting slogan and tagline, fill in the survey below to also help build this ecosystem and take it to new heights.

There are maybe 3-4 that are halfway decent but none stand out as a clear choice. My vote is for none of the above.

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No problem, not having an option is also valid