Increasing Presearch Visibility with Custom Stickers!

Increasing Presearch Visibility with Custom Stickers!

Hello to all Presearch community members! I am thrilled to share an exciting proposal that can take our community to the next level: the creation of custom Presearch stickers!

Benefits of Having Presearch Stickers:

  • Proud Promotion: Presearch stickers will allow users to proudly display their support for our community and the Presearch search engine.
  • Development Incentive: The availability of stickers will create a new incentive for development and contribute to the expansion of our community.
  • Increased Visibility: Presearch stickers will be effective tools to increase the visibility of our browser and attract new users to our community.

Contributing to Community Growth:

The availability of Presearch stickers will not only allow us to proudly promote our community but also generate a push for the development of new features and improvements in the browser. Developers can participate in designing and creating these stickers, fostering creativity and community involvement.

How Users and Developers Can Participate:

  • Design: Users and developers can contribute to the project by designing creative stickers that represent the essence and values of Presearch.
  • Production and Distribution: Those with experience in sticker production and distribution can offer their expertise to bring this project to reality.
  • Promotion: Once the stickers are available, all community members can help promote and distribute them, which will have a positive impact on Presearch’s growth.

**Join this Exciting Initiative!

Let’s incentivize development, promotion, and pride in being part of the Presearch community with these custom stickers. Together, we can take our community to new heights and make Presearch recognized worldwide. Share your ideas, designs, and join the conversation to bring this exciting initiative to life!

Let’s continue building the future of Presearch together!


Coolbeans! I’m imagining a sticker that says, “Sound suspiciously untrue? Presearch this claim.” And then a QR code. That way I could stick them on various posters and ads around town. Also, here’s some fun AI art of Presearch AI.

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