Can't claim NFTs

I click “Mint (free)” and sign the minting with my Metamask wallet (switched to Polygon), I just get an error. This is persisting since at least 1 week now. See screen recording:

Hello, you can use another browser and try again, those NFTs were minted a long time ago then maybe that’s why that happens, the team had paid the fees for those NFTS, I don’t know if it has to do with that or something else

Hi Moises, thanks for checking in on this! The same happens for me on Firefox, even after trying repeatedly on that browser and on Chrome too
If you check the video I shared more closely it seems an API call to the Matic gas station is failing (left side on this panel, marked in red). I am a dev myself and when I see something like this, it’s usually for either one of the two reasons:

  1. The API endpoint changed, maybe at some point it got moved from to another domain.
  2. The API server is down on their end.

From my perspective as a user of your product and staking a small but substantial amount of your tokens for more than a year now, I would appreciate if I could get two of your NFTs. I was excited when I see the wallet saying I can claim those two but when I try it doesn’t work, it’s a bit frustrating. You probably have a lot of other stuff to work on too, I get that als though. It would be nice if a dev could check it at some point, I am not in a hurry to claim right now, but I would like to get it eventually.

Please let me know if there is another way I could help.

do you have the Polygon Network in metamask?it may be that the option for mint is no longer available, in that case Presearch paid the mint fee through Polygon but since that was a long time ago we do not know the status on that currently, I’m still going to ask to see

Yes, AFAIRC, the NTF claiming button automatically asked me to switch over to Polygon and I accepted that on my Metamask.

Thank you for asking, Moises.