Reason for adding “mint” function for the contract

According to the weekly update that was completed few minutes ago (27/07/2023), Few members noticed the new feature inclusion for the token contract.

One of these features is “MINT” function. Does the team plans for minting more PRE tokens?

Or another technical requirement?

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Hello, at the moment we do not have more details than those mentioned in the stream, more information will be given in the next updates

The new contract will have some additional features necessary for the functions of Pre, But there are still some adjustments that they are finishing making and we are waiting for the complete information to be able to give that information, The best thing would be to wait for a new update with more detail

Definitely important to clarify this mint feature. A hard cap to the supply is foundational to have positive price action.

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Hello, if you have the opportunity, I invite you to join the Telegram Price Channel where Colin and Tim explain that and other things in a very detailed way, This is the link for you to join and see the discussion