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gm everyone

I have been thinking about what the most popular jobs will be in the ai era.

I keep coming back to the idea that data will rule the world bc it will run most of the ai systems.

so here is my idea…

propose a question of the day where users can answer one question per day and be rewarded similar to how WORDL has one word per day. The question would be the same for everyone. The question could have a multiple choice answer or it could be a question like what is your favorite color? --where limited answers exist.

Some of the most profitable companies on earth google, meta, amazon, apple all have a ton of data on their users.

Most of these companies aren’t transparent about how much of their revenue comes from the data collected. I think if a company is up front with what the purpose of collecting the data is as well as rewards the user along the way (maybe an 80/20 ratio in favor of the user) I think it will completely disrupt the current data collecting model.

naturally you will have users trying to game the system with bots. I think one way to mitigate this is to have the user verify and answer the question on a blockchain camera like the one that iotex currently has.

there is also potential to have the user submit a new question that could be asked in the future…maybe you also allow one per day for that and if your question gets picked you get rewarded.

it would be great if it could be built in a way to keep the data anonymous if the user did not want to reveal their identity.

what do you think? did i miss anything?


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Hello and welcome, without a doubt there are many possibilities and new opportunities that can be applied regarding the rewards and the way in which the use cases of the Pre can be expanded in different ways, for example what we will have soon is the Search Stake but more things can also come as developments progress, so that there is more community participation and that also contributes to limiting the activity of farmers, Thank you for joining and participating in the forum, there are many interesting ideas from all users :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Hello, thanks for the suggestions, they are always welcome. Soon we will release many updates and the community will have more participation

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I think there is applications for this for sure. I think the information collected would have to be anonymous so if you saw the question on the presearch homepage or one of the results pages and clicked to answer it, somehow it would have to ensure no personal information is actually recorded while at the same time not letting that user or ip vote multiple times.

If you could do this anonymously it would be almost like a 1 question survey. If you could make the questions only for certain regions now you are starting to get better quality results. This could have many applications: for advertisers, for political polling, but could even be used for voting for the Presearch DAO.

In the last case non-logged in users might not get the question to vote on or if they do it might be weighted different than the users who hold PRE in their accounts. Those that hold PRE might get voting according to their PRE holdings. The vote might be for a week or a month once you have voted it no longer shows the question just that you voted and how you voted.

This seems like a decent mechanism to get feedback from users and PRE holders alike on future builds/direction for the project. But with this I still think 2-chamber voting would still be needed to put a checks and balances in place.

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Thanks for responding.

It would be interesting to reward users who stake PRE to a greater degree. I’m not sure if that would be possible while keeping things anonymous…maybe with the use of zero knowledge proofs it could be possible.

The answers could be used for advertising as well. I think the biggest use case for data will become AI. So for example you want to display an ad that involves people you could have data from questions about what catches your eye more brown hair, black hair, red hair, blonde hair etc. The ai would then create the model based on the most popular answer.

I like the idea of regionalizing the questions. If there was a way to tell the location without knowing who the user is it would definitely catch the eye of advertisers.

What jobs come to mind that ai won’t replace or affect?

…that would be a good first question haha

Training the ai comes to mind although machines will also provide data that becomes used to train ai.

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