New coupon feature in search results - not ready for prime time

Hate to rain on the parade but, the new coupon feature in search results is cool, but frequently useless, since the coupons are for the merchant and not necessarily coupons for the product searched. For example, presearched “buy epson ink” and Best Buy result had 5 coupons, from soup to nuts but no ink. Also, the “Show more” link was present, but it did not show more, that link should be smartened up. Coupons feature is not ready for prime-time IMHO.

Hello, thanks for the feedback, that’s something recent so it can continue to improve :+1:

I realised this earlier, I was looking to buy a bookcover keyboard for my Samsung S9+ tablet and there was a coupon for 36 months at 0% finance, but when I clicked on the coupon the link directed my to buying samsung home appliances and kitchen’s.

From what I’m seeing, coupons appear for different products related to Samsung, Not only related to what you are looking to buy

“buy epson ink” returns a Best Buy result with FIVE coupons, none of which are applicable to any EPSON product. The match is poor, which makes this feature as useless (to end users) as everyone else’s coupon feature. I had hoped it would be better, but I get it. If the coupon is linked to an affiliate/partner site and the user visits the site Presearch earns, regardless of how useful or useless the coupon is.

I think we all would agree, better results would increase usage and build more sustainable revenue. This can possibly be addressed in 3 places, the merchant, the coupon platform and (maybe) the search engine. Perhaps Presearch needs to consider coupons as part of their own add platform so they can control the quality. Coupons would be required to be either be very granular and germane or generally applicable.

I just notified the team in charge and they are going to review it, thanks for the information