Homepage Background Continuation

Presearch homepage backgrounds are stunningly beautiful and nice break. After you perform one search however you are not likely to see it again for a while. Now you are on the typical bland results page. There is no reason to go back to homepage from there just continue doing searches.

The proposal is to continue to display the original (or another random) background home page after search is performed and overlay new results page on top so that it is ALWAYS aesthetically appealing. The homepage searchbox and icons etc could be removed. It would look something like this (quick edit …still has search box etc but you get the point)

This would be fantastic!


Perhaps a background colors feature could be added to the results page that the user can turn on or off, Thanks as always for all the suggestions :+1:

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Hi, I’ve had the same idea for a long time. We’ll see what can be done :ok_hand:

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