Default Presearch to Linux Phones, Fund Linux Mobile Companies

Presearch is challenging big tech… like some others (Presearch is doing it better.) But who will break the monopoly over phones and OSs?

Partner with Linux phone or crypto phone companies to reduce phone prices. It will be a win for all involved: Users will benefit with a more affordable phone to buy from a phone company that respects the user. The Linux phones can get more sales if people are more willing to buy a cheeper phone, benefiting an ethical phone company, enabling further development and production, since phones that are not funded by Google can be expensive. Presearch can benefit from more users, those buying the phones, which means more Presearch popularity…, by being the phone’s default browser from the factory, and search engine, and general search features around the phone, like selecting a word in any app and doing a ‘Web Search’ from the context menu, but it will only open with Google.

What if Presearch supports Keycard like Status messenger, respecting user privacy and preventing gaming of the system, so there will be no need for KYC, yet have more rewards for new users, especially those who buy the phone?

Google is free but comes with ads, while users forfeit privacy from data mining. Every Google phone will come with forfeiture. Presearch shares ad revenue with it’s users, so users get benefits without forfeiture. What an advantage Presearch has now, and the potential when opportunities are taken advantage of.

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Partnering with Linux or crypto phone companies can break the big tech monopoly over phones and OSs. Affordable; privacy-respecting phones will benefit users, drive sales for ethical phone companies, and boost Presearch’s popularity by being the default search engine. Integrating Keycard technology can enhance privacy without KYC; sharing ad revenue with users. This collaboration is a win for everyone involved.


That is a very interesting idea to have a greater reach and move away from big technologies, Although right now Android dominates the market but what you mention is a good idea :+1: