Why are we even using this if Colin and Tim are not participating?

Not sure what the point is to set up a community forum if the leaders are not participating in it.


They are very busy with all the developments they are doing within presearch, I don’t think they have much time to be here, When we have the voting system active, they will probably have a greater presence

Hello, they are always pending but due to multiple occupations in the project they cannot interact here in the forum

Tim’s time is worth far to much to spend time reading what is contained in these forums. The level of analysis and understanding in these threads is extremely poor generally speaking.

He at least has a reasonable plan to rescue this project - make no mistake that’s where we are at. We Pre holders should be extremely happy that someone like this has stepped in and let them do their work.

These forums should be seen more as a living document for Pre users and node runners, not as a way for an individual to somehow talk to management. eg. Threads for the best VPS deals, tips and tricks for node config, etc.

You shouldn’t speak so poorly of yourself, I enjoyed your posts. Also sometimes even smart people miss simple things and interesting ideas. When you do things fast it’s especially easy to miss simple but important things. 2 Community is very important part of this project and should be treated with respect.
Psychology explains why people make mistakes. Sometimes they come up with a solution and then they don’t want to admit that it’s not working and to make changes. Sometimes it’s not advantageous for them and they don’t want to discuss the problem. It’s not very difficult to find examples when experts make mistakes for these reasons.

Thanks. Of course I do not think this about myself. Nobody thinks their ideas are bad, but what they don’t recognize is their bias. For example, they come up with a convoluted scheme to justify their node setup even when the economics do not make sense. They pontificate about what the theoretical price of the token should be vs what the market is plainly telling them. Ideas like premail are offered up, when it will 100% be a money loser if attempted and not able to be delivered by the current team regardless. These are just not a good use of anyone’s time or energy.

I question why I am even spending any time here based on the quality of idea and information in these threads. If I think that, why would we expect Tim, who is running multiple companies, to invest time here? I have done the math and believe me it is pretty simple. 1+1 does in fact equal 2. The path that the team is currently pursing makes the most sense given the available resources and current reality.

The “mods” are more than capable of aggregating the good ideas and feedback and presenting it to the
team. Would we rather get lip service, as has been done for years, in a forum thread or see actual results that save the project and drive the price of the token higher? I know what I would prefer.

I agree with the OP, not sure what the point of this forum is.
Forum and Telegram Chat should be closed and moved to Discord.
Keep it simple.

Most of the users are on Telegram so making a transition might take some time, Mainly the function of the forum is to allow users to make their proposals on presearch, When we get into Dao and people can vote then I think that could be adapted here, We have not had more information about it but surely that will come

What is the purpose of this community?

Well, just look at the first post (by system)…

Then, for example, read the first post under the “topic” Community Discussions.

Then read this topic where I started the discussion “Purpose of this Forum Community”… where inside you find a great example given by Colin about how he saw the role of “community input”.

If you have read these, you have found all the reasons why this community exists, why it was been set up originally, what the purpose is, and why this Community is important with respect to (potential) USPs as “community-driven”, decentralization, and DAO structure.

Unfortunately, the new management clearly doesn’t want to spend time in this Community.

So far, they haven’t responded to any idea, proposal, or discussion…

And now we got this answer from one of the admins…

Instead, the “team” prefers to communicate via Telegram and Discord.

Where the most important decisions and actions are being communicated in the PRE [Unofficial] Trading Channel.

with as description…

“Unofficial Presearch Trading Group for price discussions and speculation talk- (989 members)”

And although this “unofficial” trading group is managed by “team” admins and MT members…

it shouldn’t be the first place to communicate about major developments as changes in the smart contract and token supply.

Using this TG is just very “unprofessional”. Let alone that you are now forcing stakeholders and community members to join and follow this group speaking about charts, prices, and other BS.

So, we have this excellent new Community with lots of great ideas, suggestions, proposals, and discussions… but the management team doesn’t care “for now”, and we have to wait for over a year before the first DAO voting will maybe take place.

Shouldn’t this Community not be used to at least “try-out” real conversations between management and the community?

And yes, not all “topics” are that important or are “well thought-out”… but that shouldn’t matter as there will be many ideas that are worth implementing (or voting for).

Finally, if a community member comes up with a good proposal and the team implements (part of) it… they could brag about it… but they could also give “credits” to this member.

Just an example, see my proposal on July 15th about easy-to-implement “low-hanging fruit” with respect to monetization (affiliate income via “partner” buttons/links).

You know, I don’t care about getting any “thank you”, I want to help this project to move forward as I’m a huge stakeholder… but if the team wants people to come up with good ideas… they should listen (and yes we can’t deny that they are being informed or are reading the suggestions in this Community), but also “stimulate” people do give feedback and come up with new ideas. By “ignoring” this community and preferring to use “unofficial” annoying Telegram groups… I don’t see this as a “stimulation”.

Finally, the other day Tim asked this question in the “official” Telegram group with no real results or feedback from the community… Instead, I transferred this question to this Community, and at least we had some discussion…

but Tim didn’t bother at all.

Why is he asking questions, but doesn’t respond to the possible answers?

Hello, well, Telegram was created when the project started and since then it has been the main means of communication of information, currently it is used as a more dynamic tool also to provide support to users on general issues, nodes, keywords, etc. In the same way as we have discord, Reddit, etc., important decisions are not made in the Price Channel as you mention, in fact the price channel is an unofficial channel where people can freely discuss token pricing issues and even other unrelated topics, the function of the community forum is that people can create their proposals and then when we move to Dao the people who own Pre will be able to participate in voting on proposals for the project, that is something that is still pending for its implementation And right now the core team I don’t think they will have much time to read all the proposals in this forum although they will surely see it when we get out of some main priorities

Of course, decisions are made outside a chat group but I’m talking about official replies and posts by the management team for the first time inside this “unofficial trading group”.

Just to mention a few topics that were first (and sometimes only) being “discussed” or “announced” there:

  • Explanation by Colin and Tim of the leaked AMA sheet with respect to token supply from 500M to 1B.
  • Progress with respect to attracting VC.
  • Tim’s team dismantling of 2,000 nodes.
  • PRE token price discussion even after being assigned as the new CEO.
  • Progress on roadmap items (f.e. the search API ready the first week of September)

And I can continue. All I can say… very unprofessional.

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I understand your point although it is also a more dynamic way of doing it since most of the people are on those channels, They simply confirm what has already been done And that way the members of the group also give their opinion