Roadmap | comments/discussion/recommendations

Starting a discussion thread for the roadmap.

First - great to see a vision being converted into action steps! This is the way to turn ideas into reality something this project has needed. I am excited by seeing action towards goals.

I like that it is not set in stone as I am sure when you build a little and ship things you will learn a lot. In some cases we may need to adjust course which is far better and easier when you didn’t spend an entire year developing a concept that might not work.

I like the row types of developments, although I see many of these developments crossing multiple lanes. So it looks like a lot but in reality there are many items that once developed it answers the mail in various lanes (General, Marketing, Community, Monetization, etc.)

Overall I commend the team and community for getting to this point - This was needed to attempt to be successful. Nothing is certain but a huge leap in the right direction just happened!


I am sure the community and I will have a lot more comments and suggestions over time to further develop and improve the roadmap moving forward.

A couple of quick thoughts: Priorities are income, PRE tokenomics/utility/flow, and increasing real quality searches.

  1. Need to develop a payments page in order to monetize the platform with fiat or PRE. Search API I assume to be a “Premium” service that presearch should charge fiat or PRE on a monthly basis (professional advertisers may opt for a recurring basis). See proposal on payments page add a Fiat option to that page and you will be in business. This will allow Presearch to monetize many other options listed and not listed in the roadmap. (Community search engine PREsale, Consumptive keyword ads, Possible community search subscriptions, Presearch and other AI access, NFT marketplace, NFT Ad slots, NFT Ad subscriptions)

  2. Still not sold on search staking but I also don’t really understand the details for that. I thought search staking was going to be explained in more detail during the AMA? Anyway I can’t comment without understanding how it is planned to rollout.

  3. Would like to see site updates along side the updates. Specifically minor bug fixes on results page, node page simple updates, and keyword staking page simple updates.

  4. Would like to see AI for all. If not viable due to cost no problem then free AI for 72hrs or 1 week for new signups. This is also a great option to use a payments page for consumptive AI access. It is a service that is already running smoothly, all you need to do is collect PRE and time block the available access for the user. When you switch from chatGPT to Presearch AI you could still use this build to allow people to access Presearch AI and/or chatGPT and/or other AI services. depending on their individual costs for API access would dictate the payment required for access. Why would we not do this at least for the current and possibly organic Presearch LLM AI? This will start to monetize PRE and get it flowing back into treasury which is a stated priority; but it also opens up many other monetization options once this mechanism has been developed. The more options you have for this allows you to create a PREmium holding/staking for access to many services and if staking is not preferable as it won’t be for many you can charge for daily, weekly, or monthly consumptive access. There is nothing better than creating something that puts money or PRE back into your pocket daily, weekly, monthly.

  5. is a great initiative. The projects that are usable early will get MASSIVE exposure and use. Love to see this.

  6. DAO voting - I hope PRE is included for Presearch Voting 2-chamber (All PRE holders, and DAO) this would add a great governance utility to PRE. Some would buy and hold just to have a vote in the future of PREsearch platform.

I’ll stop there… Lots of goodness happening.

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Definitely great to see a roadmap. Looking forward to the team sticking to it and making some headway! Exciting times ahead.


Hello, great ideas. I like the AI search free trial, thanks for the suggestions.

It would be good if there is a progression bar for each item on the roadmap so the community can get a feel for where we are heading.

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Hello Thanks for the suggestion, anyway the progress is announced every Friday and also through the official channels as a medium, So that way the community can have a more complete vision of the progress

There was a request for a Presearch tagline or motto. I am placing one here since I think it should be something all encompassing and yet still fit our original vision, community values, and importantly drive the prioritization of the roadmap.

Presearch - “what search was meant to be…”
-people and community focused

Presearch is going back to what search was meant to be… Meaning before it was co-opted by Google and other corrupt corporations to track you and profit off pushing ads and ephemeral information meant to subvert your views on certain things.

Hopefully instead Presearch can be a community first, privacy focused, decentralized, quality search provider that provides innovative solutions and services to improve your search experience.

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