Notifications Not Supported in Presearch Browser

So, I was adjusting my settings here on the community page, and was going to enable notifications, but the PRE browser doesn’t allow it. Is there a way to change that, or will that feature be available in the future. No rush, but I was puzzled as to why two PRE items don’t mesh. Thanks! With any luck, the photo I’m attaching will be visible so you can see what I mean.

Hello, I was able to activate notifications from Presearch Android, Do you use Android or iOS? Maybe it could be the operating system

I’m using iOS on an iPhone 14.

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I see, I’m not sure if it’s something specific to iOS because it works on Android, You could also try opening the page from a browser on PC and check if you can turn on notifications from there

Alrighty, I’ll try an alternative and see how it goes.

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