Presearch on Safari MacOS

Why isn’t there an extension yet that allows defining Presearch as the search engine in Safari? This question has been on many minds, and it’s time to find a solid answer.

For a while now, the community has expressed their interest in having the option to use Presearch in their Safari browser. However, it seems that this request has not yet materialized.

It’s crucial that we receive a response that is credible and honest, free from any politically correct answers. We want to understand the reasons behind this delay and if there are plans to address this community need.

Thank you to everyone who shares this concern and seeks a solution to make Presearch more accessible on Safari. We eagerly await a response that will clarify the situation and bring us one step closer to enjoying this excellent search tool in our favorite browser.

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There is an extension for Safari on IOS that allows you to change your default search engine, It’s called Hyperweb. I am not sure if that also works on macOS.

No works with MacOS and no wants a third party apps, wants and official extension. Thanks.

I’ve noticed that the PRE extension has recently been launched for the EDGE browser. Does anyone know if there are plans to release it for Safari on MacOS? Since there are more Safari users than Edge, it would be great to have some information about this. Thanks in advance for any updates you can provide. Happy browsing, everyone!

Hello yes, it was recently added to the Edgar extension but regarding safari there is nothing yet, It would be an interesting inclusion since there are many users who use that browser

This proposal has been around for quite some time. Many improvements and implementations have been made, but a basic issue still lacks a solution. Safari is much more widely used than Edge, yet this option still isn’t integrated into Safari. I believe it is imperative to have this, and I would also like a serious project administrator to weigh in. By serious, I mean someone who is genuinely involved in the development of the project.

Hello yes, Thanks for the comments and proposals, It does not mean that it is something that can be implemented immediately, first there are things that must be evaluated to see their viability Contacting the counterparty , in addition to the fact that there is a roadmap to follow of course, Then some of the suggested things like yours could be implemented and feedback on the progress of that could be given in case it can be executed or not.