Best VPS For Node Operators. What Are You Using?

I thought I would start this thread so we can share which VPS service providers deliver the best performance for price. Here is a snapshot of the VPS services I am using, the reliability scrore I’m achieving and the price for the VPS. Hope this helps anyone trying to find the best value VPS service providers.

Which VPS service are you using and what is your reliability score?

Racknerd - 1 x vCPU, 1GB RAM, 14GB SSD
Location - Los Angeles
Cost - $11.38/year
Reliability Score - 87

EthernetServers - 1 x CPU, 1GB RAM, 40GB SSD
Location - New Jersey
Cost - $14.95/year
Reliability Score - 83

Binary Lane - 1 x vCPU, 1GB RAM, 20GB NVME SSD
Location - Melbourne
Cost - $2.75/month
Reliability Score - 69

Oracle - 1 x CPU, 6GB RAM, 50GB SSD
Location - Sydney
Cost - FREE
Reliability Score - 69

That depends a lot on the prices and the performance of the nodes for example etherserver It works fine and also racknerd at the moment, You have to take into account that when the node roles come, the requirements may change, so you have to be careful with that.

I would actually urge a lot of caution around trying to buy hardware potentially with a multi month lock in with the idea that better hardware will be needed for new roles. I suspect the most vocal opponents to the rewards decrease plan are those with pricier hardware.

I would not expect this team to deliver on anything substantive that would require new hardware “classes” for at least the next 6 months. Examples of this would be “compute” possibly for indexing, “GPU” for AI training (this is years away IMO), or “disk space” for a distributed storage solution.

IPFS is on the Q4 roadmap however I don’t think it should be and I wouldn’t expect anything until mid year next year that is actually worth using. These things take time and whether we like it or not we need to get them at least as usable as the google equivalent (google drive in this example).

This is not a nock against the team, they are presumably small and have other things on their plate. Just getting the basic search engine up to par with google is going to be a big effort. Getting PRE on a functional smart contract and moving node staking to self custody is going to be a big effort if done right (ie audited smart contract). Getting keywords staking implemented for real advertisers (current implementation is useless) is going to be a massive effort. Needless to say the team does not need to go down the rabbit hole of delivering a bunch of new services that are either money losers or close to break even for Google when the aforementioned core elements of the project are in such bad shape.

So, if you want to speculate, be my guest but understand what it means. You are buying hardware for an economic model that does not yet exist AND on the idea that the team will implement a bunch of services where historically it has been extremely slow to deliver.