Token supply, node rewards, token value

Apologies if discussed before, just curious on everyone’s thoughts on the following:

Token supply doubled
Node rewards lowered
Token value dwindling

Correlate the above if you like, i certainly have.

It seems obvious doubling the supply reduces value.

I do appreciate the airdrops but that is like when your company gives you pizza instead of a pay rise.

With the value of the coin I am questioning the node rewards. I did some sums and it’s barely covering the cost.of the vps.

If I took my vps bills and put that money into some other token I could be x5 or x10 on that money.

There seems to be an assumption that node operators across crypto sometimes do it for kicks. I certainly do not :slight_smile:

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Hello Daz, Indeed the minting was done as previously the rewards were very high and the treasury was quickly depleted taking into consideration that the project had not been generating revenue for the last 6 years, the team recognized that it was a mistake to have burned 500m tokens in 2020 in the first place and the airdrop was a compensation and also a loyalty reward, the node rewards also declined precisely because of that lack of revenue and so right now the team is focused on monetization and getting funding to be able to accelerate developments, marketing and to be able to find a balance with respect to the exits, we currently have the keyword consumption model, the PTAs and soon Pregpt which will help with that